Alisa is said to be hard to fight in Tekken 7's meta because she forces opponents to play 'traditional Tekken offense' while she gets to play Tekken 7

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 29, 2020 at 5:16 p.m. PDT | Comments: 22

While it's true that characters like Akuma, Leroy, and Fahkumram are exceptionally strong in the Tekken 7's current meta, there's something that can be said about Alisa. Landon recently released a video that details why he dislikes Alisa in Tekken 7 and the evidence presented does suggest that she may be a character that's stronger than most people realize.

"Alisa's strongest attribute is that she forces the other player to play 'traditional Tekken' offense instead of a general Tekken 7 offense while Alisa does not have to," stated Landon in his video.

In previous Tekken titles, you're not necessarily guaranteed the ability to pressure the opponent after successfully hitting them. A back dash was generally good enough to escape having to deal with another attack after getting hit.

To counter this, a player must attack, dash forward, then attack if they wanted to keep the pressure going. However, this meant the opponent had the option to not back dash which could potentially end your pressure if you guessed wrong.

Because movement in Tekken 7 is nerfed compared to previous iterations, an attack into another attack is considered to be the norm in the current meta. Alisa throws a wrench in this as she still has the option to back dash so that she may escape this scenario altogether.

To make matters worse, Alisa is also armed with an armored attack that makes it so that she has to be treated as though she is positive on block in scenarios where she is actually negative.

Needless to say, matches against Alisa have to be played very differently compared to other match ups in Tekken 7. Landon's video has very compelling arguments that are certainly worth checking out below:

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