Match footage of Daigo taking on Tokido and Fuudo at the recent CPT Street Fighter 5 event shows the success behind Daigo's training during quarantine

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The Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 Asia East 1 tournament that took place over the weekend ended up being quite the spectacle for Street Fighter fans. BST|Daigo was able to take the tournament over competitors like BST|Fuudo, KFGC|Verloren, and Rohto|Tokido in which there were nearly 350 players signed up to compete.

In case you missed out on the action as it happened live, SFreplay has uploaded matches from the CPT2020 event featuring Daigo against Tokido and Fuudo.

Anyone who's been following the Street Fighter 5 competitive scene for an extended period of time probably knows about the friendly rivalry between Tokido and Daigo.

Daigo had a convincing 10-5 victory over Tokido at Kemonomichi 2. This was notably during an era when Tokido was regarded as the best overall Street Fighter 5 player in the world.

Tokido was able demonstrate quite a recovery against Daigo at Topanga 2020. Needless to say, Tokido completely destroyed Daigo and Guile's V-Skill 2 with a 7-0 win.

Just recently, Daigo and Tokido participated in a casual lobby first-to-10 set against one another. This time, it was Daigo that came up on top. Surprisingly, Tokido was unable to take a single game against Daigo during the casual exhibition.

It almost seems as though the situation with the COVID-19 global pandemic is actually kind of ideal for Daigo as he is left with plenty of time to practice specific situations and match ups in the lab.

Despite putting in some work with Kage, Daigo opted to stick to Guile exclusively for Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 Asia East 1.

When Tokido attempted the Raging Demon Critical Art, Daigo was able to escape and then punish Tokido with a 21 hit round ending combo. Inevitably, Daigo ended up sending Tokido to the losers bracket with a 3-1 victory.

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Although Fuudo was able to secure the bracket reset against Daigo via his 3-1 win, Daigo was able to quickly adapt against Fuudo's Poison and take the tournament with a 3-2.

Photo source: Stephanie Lindgren. Sent in by: kaioken10x10.

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