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Daigo vs. Tokido, Fuudo's sick Poison and so many nailbiter sets: CPT Online Asia East top 8 offered perhaps the best Street Fighter action this year

That stun into whiffed Critical Art literally had me leap out of my chair in grand finals

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 26, 2020 at 2:59 p.m. PDT • Comments: 25

Earlier this morning the top 8 competitors from Japan and South Korea faced off in the first Capcom Pro Tour Online event in the region, and unsurprisingly, it ended up being perhaps the best Street Fighter 5 tournament of 2020 thus far.

The day kicked off with a set between BST|Daigo Umehara and Rohto|Tokido for Sagat's sake, but the only issue was many of us in the western hemisphere missed out on the action considering it started in the early morning hours in North America.

Hell, the first game between the decade-long rivals had Tokido try and sneak in a Raging Demon, but Daigo managed to use EX Flash Kick to avoid the grab completely and have enough time to finish the round as a punish. That would pretty much set the pace for Umehara the rest of the day.

KFGC|Verloren had been looking extremely sharp all weekend, and his winners side set against BST|Fuudo was no exception by running through the newly switched up Poison with a perfect in the last game. Fuudo would get his revenge, however.

Victrix|Momochi ended up as the last Seth standing where his first losers set was against the last Blanka in Cosco... except he started things out with E. Honda. Lucky for the former Capcom Cup champion, however, considering his wife is a Blanka main too.

There's so many highlights we could talk about here, but let's fast forward to grand finals between Daigo and Fuudo which could not have ended up closer if they tried.

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Fuudo was making Poison look like an excellent counter pick to Guile by cancelling out his Sonic Booms time after time which led to a 3-1 bracket reset by burning his health away — but the clash between teammates wasn't finished.

In case you've somehow missed the final results, we won't spoil the victor of who got to punch their ticket to Capcom Cup, but if you're looking to watch some top-level Street Fighter play, it's going to difficult to find better than this.

We've set the archive to begin at the start of the first round of the day, and HiFight has also put together a highlight reel for the top 16 action from yesterday which we've also included down below.

Banner source: Spider-Man 3.

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