One Champion's Choice costume stands clearly above the others as the Street Fighter 5 community's favorite, see the results of our recent poll here

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 27, 2020 at 11:45 a.m. PDT | Comments: 69

Update: Polling is now closed and final results are posted below the jump.

Earlier: Win a Capcom Cup and you get to design your very own "Champion's Choice" costume in Street Fighter 5 – a pretty slick way to forever leave a personalized stamp on one of the most famous gaming franchises of all time.

With the recent reveal of iDom's new threads for Laura, we now have had five such champions produce five such costumes. We here at EventHubs found ourselves pondering over which of these we liked most, and figured the rest of the Street Fighter community very well may be doing the same.

Our latest poll asks which Champ's Choice is your personal favorite (though you're allowed to drop two votes because sometimes it's hard to pick just one) as we recollect back through a half-decade of competitive Street Fighter memories.

The first of these came from BC|Kazunoko's Ultra Street Fighter 4 victory back in 2015. Street Fighter 5 was not out yet, but the Japanese player was still granted the first opportunity to design an SF5 costume. At the time he thought he'd end up playing Necalli and gave the newcomer a pretty badass samurai outfit.

In 2016 it was NuckleDu's turn to hoist the Capcom Cup as he took home one of the biggest Street Fighter victories America had ever seen. Though he had many mains at the time, Du went with a commando costume for Guile, complete with a "NuckleDu" nametag.

The Cup went to the Dominican Republic in 2017 as Bandits|MenaRD wowed the world with impressive Birdie play. The young victor decided to deck his character out in clothing similar to his own but added a clever Capcom Cup token to the end of Birdie's chain in this street clothes version of the donut-loving fighter.

The Cup eventually found its way back to Japan in 2018 as RB|Gachikun and his Rashid hit a Grand Slam together. An avid fan of the Yokohama BayStars baseball team, Gachikun decided to give Rashid a baseball uniform with their deep blue and white colors.

The reigning CapCup Champion, iDom, dressed Laura up with a classicly sexy schoolgirl look. We've only seen a few glimpses of the Brazilian beauty in her plaid skirt and thigh-high socks, but we imagine this will be quite popular once it drops.

You can see all five via the gallery below so as to be refreshed before you vote. Let us know in the comments which two you chose and why.

Champ Choice Costumes image #1 Champ Choice Costumes image #2 Champ Choice Costumes image #3 Champ Choice Costumes image #4 Champ Choice Costumes image #5
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Which of the five Champion's Choice costumes in Street Fighter 5 is the best thus far?

1. Kazunoko's Necalli: 228 votes / 39.4%
2. iDom's Laura: 133 votes / 23.0%
3. NuckleDu's Guile: 131 votes / 22.6%
4. Gachikun's Rashid: 46 votes / 7.9%
5. MenaRD's Birdie: 41 votes / 7.1%

Total votes: 579

Voting has closed

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