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Who are Japan's most wanted characters for Granblue Fantasy Versus? The top 7 placers detailed in this second part of our rundown

Dragonslayer, Maddened Knight, Prodigy of Vigor and Primarch of Vengeance — these are just some of the titles of the characters fans are asking for

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • July 29, 2020 at 6:32 p.m. PDT • Comments: 12

Recently, we detailed some results from a Japanese Famitsu poll which asked players of Granblue Fantasy Versus across any skill level which characters they played, who they hated fighting against, their favorite music tracks from the game and more. The question people have been far more interested in, though, is the one asked as to which characters from the source game people are hoping to see join the fighting game's roster as DLC down the line.

There will be some repeat characters from my previous stories which focused specifically on popular characters from the source game Granblue Fantasy (with one talking about the most popular female characters and another one talking about the most popular male characters) but it's worth noting that the poll results this time are specifically in response to the question "Which characters do you want to see join the Granblue Fantasy Versus roster?", making it all the more important for DLC discussion.

Worth mentioning before we cover this second part of the story (the first part can be found here), is the absolutely massive cast of characters in Granblue Fantasy and the fact that the sample size for this poll was a few thousand, meaning that even if the vote totals sound somewhat lower than you might expect, it's spread across hundreds of different characters.

Now, with that out of the way, let's take a gander at the top 7 characters fans are hoping to see join Granblue Fantasy Versus from the official Famitsu poll — results courtesy of HDKirin.

#7: Silva

Race: Human
Weapon: Gun
Votes: 45

One of the most accomplished gunwielders in the Granblue Fantasy universe, Silva is a markswoman who has been separated from her family for many years. After a conflict with the Empire, which bars her from returning home where her family is, Silva strivers to hone her skills enough to become famous across the skies, more than anything simply so that her birth parents can know that she is alive and doing well.

Taken in by the gunsmith who trained her, Silva found new happiness with her adoptive family including two younger sisters (not related by blood, obviously) who she is very protective of and always does her best to take care of.

Generally a quite serious character, Silva also has a cute side to her which she desperately tries to hide from everyone. Once people saw her trying out cute smiles in the mirror, she broke down in panicked embarrassment of not living up to her stoic image.

Given that she's the most popular gun user from the game, it seems highly likely that Silva will be joining the roster sooner or later to represent this currently missing weapon type. Incidentally, she's also one of my most wanted characters, so I'd welcome her with open arms if it were to happen.

#6: Seofon

Race: Human
Weapon: Sabre
Votes: 51

The leader of the incredibly powerful group "The Eternals" (and also detailed in this previous poll story), Seofon is perhaps the most proficient swordmaster in all of Granblue Fantasy.

Although he puts up a carefree front and comes off as a very aloof person, he has the reputation of being the very most powerful out of all of The Eternals — ten individuals who each wield one out of Granblue Fantasy's ten signature weapon types and are most likely the most powerful character in the game world with their chosen weapon — which would put him strongly in the running for being the strongest character in Granblue Fantasy as a whole, at least out of mortal beings.

While it does seem quite likely that Granblue Fantasy Versus will incorporate the Eternals at some point (they're already referenced in Djeeta's Skybound Art where she wields all ten weapons in succession, and the attack itself is called "Eternal Ascendancy"), starting off the crew with the very most powerful member seems quite unlikely.

Seofon is definitely a strong candidate to join the Granblue Fantasy Versus roster at some point given his popularity and in-universe power, but as the leader of The Eternals you'd kind of be overshooting by putting him in so early.

#5: Siegfried

Race: Human
Weapon: Sabre, Katana
Votes: 60

Another character who was detailed on this site in the past, Siegfried is the fourth and final Dragon Knight alongside Lancelot, Percival and Vane (who we talked about yesterday).

Once a knight who had been branded a traitor to his country, Siegfried journeyed to clear his name and prove that he had never betrayed his King, which he eventually succeeded in doing. After the truth about Siegfried became known, he was welcome back into the Dragon Knights, of which he had once been the leader, though he relented the leadership to its current master, Lancelot.

While Siegfried takes a less active role in leading knights as of present, he's still an inspiring figure who many look up to and comes off as the most responsible and mature of the four hot-blooded knight captains.

As for his gameplay, while Siegfried does use a sword which we've already seen plenty of within the roster, he also masters the Earth element, which is something we really don't have much of at all in the game. Incorporating earthquakes and similar effects in his moveset could make him quite the imposing figure, and I'm honestly quite excited at the prospect of pitting him and Percival against each other.

I'd be remiss to not mention that Siegfried is also one of my most wanted characters, and out of the ones I'm hoping for he's the highest in popularity. His chances seem very good, and I'm definitely hoping that he makes the cut.

#4: Seox

Race: Erune
Weapon: Melee (Claws)
Votes: 68

While the above-mentioned Seofon may be the most powerful Eternal, he's not the most popular — he's been edged out by this man, Seox (and he met the same fate in the general Granblue Fantasy poll we covered before).

Hailing from a particular mercenary family of the Erune people, Seox is an immensely powerful fighter with an inherent bloodlust he carries with him and has to work hard to suppress.

Although he blames himself for the demise of his clan due to them dying at his own hands, he has since found absolution from said sins when he found out that the madness which led to this was caused by a serum typically used in coming-of-age rituals within his clan, essentially making him go berserk and kill outside of his own control.

As a member of The Eternals, he's a highly reliable warrior who has earned the full trust of his companions, though he still carries deep insecurities from his past which lead to him doubting his worthiness of said trust and can lead to him splitting from the group on occasion.

He's generally a speedy assassin type of fighter and uses claws as his weapon of choice. While it is technically simply a Melee fighting style, it's definitely different from what we have so far in the roster and could surely be implemented in interesting ways we haven't quite seen yet.

#3: Vira

Race: Human
Weapon: Sabre (mainly)
Votes: 82

As far as I'm aware, Vira is the character with the most different versions of herself obtainable in the Granblue Fantasy source game, coming in at a whopping seven different available Viras in the game. As you may expect, she was also popular enough to be detailed by us in the past.

Her title within the game is "Maddened Knight", which is quite fitting given that she's a stellar Knight who came up through training together with Katalina and holds quite the unhealthy obsession with her ever since they grew up with a sisterly bond. Thinking of Katalina as her big sister, she's focused on her to the extent where she barely even bothers trying to hold conversations with other people.

Since her introductions, she's consistently been one of the most absolutely popular characters in the entire franchise, to the point where I'm honestly shocked that she isn't already in the Granblue Fantasy Versus roster. Once I found out that they were making DLC, she was my #1 pick for "most obvious character", but despite this the first Character Pass has come and gone with Vira nowhere in sight.

Given that we have another load of characters coming our way in the near future, it seems nigh-impossible for Vira to remain overlooked yet again, especially after her consistently high poll placings, this time even in one which explicitly asks which characters players want to see join the Versus roster.

It'll be interesting to see how they handle the character, given that she has ample story content to draw from and many different versions from which you can draw moveset inspiration. Her sheer madness at anyone who dares come between her and Katalina would surely make for some hilarious (or outright scary) interactions when fighting against Lowain, as well.

#2: Cagliostro

Race: Human
Weapon: Staff
Votes: 88

Cagliostro is quite the strange character in a lot of ways, but as far as fighting style goes she encompasses a very big part of Granblue Fantasy which isn't all that present in the Granblue Fantasy Versus roster yet — magic spells and staff-wielding.

With a highly peculiar backstory, Cagliostro has cemented herself as one of the true standouts in Granblue Fantasy and developed quite the large fanbase because of it. Large enough, in fact, to unsurprisingly place high in the general Granblue Fantasy poll we wrote about back in March.

While her current body is that of a young girl (and her attitude is very cutesy, to boot) she was originally the famed originator of the art of alchemy more than 1,000 years ago and was born a man, though she has switched conciousness between many bodies through the powers of said alchemy since then.

Despite trying her best to constantly come off as cute as she looks, once you make her mad she completely snaps and her original personality oozes through with a complete change in tone, mannerisms and word choices. This coupled with the extreme magical power she wields makes her quite the tough customer to deal with if you get on her wrong side.

The constant shifts in personality and vast moveset potential make Cagliostro a fantastic candidate for inclusion, and given her extreme popularity it would be highly surprising to not see her as part of the Granblue Fantasy Versus roster at least at some point down the line, even if not in this year's second Character Pass.

#1: Sandalphon

Race: Primal Beast
Weapon: Sabre, Katana
Votes: 108

Sandalphon, one of the true success stories of Granblue Fantasy, was originally meant to be nothing more than a raid boss for you to defeat, but his tragic backstory and charismatic personality (and his dashing good looks, of course) led to fans wanting more and more and more from the character, eventually leading to him getting several playable versions of himself and being heavily incorporated in the lore of the source game.

Originally created to be a replacement for Lucifer (a character we detailed in yesterday's piece) if he were to fail in his duties, Sandalphon was cast aside and deemed to be completely worthless once it was obvious that Lucifer was more than apt for his job.

The growing frustration at his creators disdain for him caused Sandalphon to join a faction of other disgruntled archangels and rebel against the Astrals (their creators), which led to him being imprisoned for milennia for his sins. After two thousand years of stewing in his hatred, Sandalphon was released and emerged in the source game as the boss of the "What Makes The Sky Blue" storyline.

Once his popularity became evident, however, Sandalphon's story role grew considerably and he did eventually end up replacing Lucifer in his role as the ruler of all angels, despite his past misdeeds, and has begun walking the path to atonement and living up to his responsibilities even after the dark turn his life took for the longest time.

By far the most popular character in Granblue Fantasy as of right now, and most likely the biggest breakout character the franchise has seen, Sandalphon is the ultimate character to hold off on for DLC. The only question is whether they'll hold off on him for even longer, since another of the most popular characters, Belial, is already part of the upcoming Fighter's Pass and it's possible that Cygames don't want to overload it with too many heavy hitters.

With summer nearing its end, it's likely we'll get more information on Granblue Fantasy Versus' upcoming new content fairly soon, perhaps even as soon as this week. It'll be quite exciting to see what the dynamic duo of Cygames and Arc System Works have in store for us — so let us know in the comments what characters you're hoping to see.

Since I'm fairly sure that my #1 favorite character Korwa has absolutely zero chance, I'm not even going to hope for her and instead pin my hopes and dreams on Yuel, Silva and Siegfried.

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