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Who are Japan's most wanted characters for Granblue Fantasy Versus? Biographies of the #8 to #15 placers from the official Famitsu poll

A Pugilist Princess, an Incomplete Alchemist, a Knight of Fellowship and many more are highly requested to make the cut

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • July 28, 2020 at 7:33 p.m. PDT • Comments: 21

Recently, we detailed some results from a Japanese Famitsu poll which asked players of Granblue Fantasy Versus across any skill level which characters they played, who they hated fighting against, their favorite music tracks from the game and more. The most interesting question, perhaps, was which character out of the absolute gigantic roster of personalities from Granblue Fantasy they were hoping to see added to Granblue Fantasy Versus in the future.

Now, I've done stories in the past here on EventHubs focusing on characters who were at the top of popularity in the source game Granblue Fantasy (find some of the female results here and male results here) and how likely they seemed to be added to its fighting game counterpart, and there will be some overlap from those pieces and this new one. That time, though, the results were about the most popular characters from Granblue Fantasy itself, while this time the question asked is specifically which characters from said game players want to see appear in Granblue Fantasy Versus, making it even more pertinent to DLC discussion.

Before we jump in to the first part of the results (with 15 characters listed, this had to be split up into two pieces — look forward to the second part coming up very soon), it's worth noting the absolutely massive cast of characters in Granblue Fantasy and the fact that the sample size for this poll was a few thousand, meaning that even if the vote totals sound somewhat lower than you might expect, it's spread across hundreds of different characters.

Now, without further ado, let's get to the #15 to #8 placers from the Famitsu poll — results courtesy of HDKirin.

#15: Aliza

Race: Draph
Weapon: Melee (Fists)
Votes: 19

A princess who decides she'd rather go out and see the world and fight as many different opponents as possible, Aliza is a highly competent fighter officially dubbed in-game as the "Pugilist Princess".

Finding herself much more suited for the Kung Fu life rather than being a Princess, she ends up renouncing her inheritance and enjoys the life she has chosen rather than the one she was destined for.

She ends up finding love in the arms of a Erune man named Stan who was hired to be her bodyguard, and the two have a budding relationship while adventuring together across the skies.

Given that she's a melee-based fighter, there's obviously already competition in the base roster for her in the form of Macho Man extraordinaire Soriz, though given the fact that the vast majority of fighting games have rosters built entirely on hand-to-hand fighters, it certainly doesn't seem like an issue to include her.

#14: Ilsa

Race: Erune
Weapon: Gun, Bow
Votes: 21

Ilsa was actually mentioned in my story focusing on a different Granblue Fantasy-focused poll as one of the more popular picks, and here she resurfaces again as a request Granblue Fantasy Versus character.

She is a high-ranking member of the group "The Society" in which roster members Zeta and Vaseraga are both active, a group of fighters who actively search for legendary weapons and the perfect users to wield them. Given her connection to Zeta and Vaseraga, she would likely have special dialogue during matches with both of them were she to be included in the roster.

Once a brash and arrogant recruit in the Society during her younger days, she realized the error of her headstrong ways after she fell into big trouble (from which her Society superiors rescued her), and ever since then she has been highly duty-oriented and serious.

There's no gun user just yet in Granblue Fantasy Versus, though there are several who are quite requested. Given Ilsa's proficiency with several different ranged weapons, you could easily make her a multi-wielding hybrid focusing on ranged battle without stepping on the toes of Metera or any potential upcoming gun user.

#13: Lucifer

Race: Primal Beast
Weapon: N/A
Votes: 23

A Primal Beast, namely one of the Summon-tier powerful beings of Granblue Fantasy (Zooey is also one of these), Lucifer is known as the Supreme Primarch and is in fact the ruler of all the angels in the Granblue Fantasy setting.

With heavy ties to another highly requested character (who we'll get to later — though the character was already detailed in an earlier story), Lucifer seems like he might be able to increase his chances simply because of his deep relation to the even more popular character Sandalphon (again, we'll get to him later on).

The drawback with a character like Lucifer is that his presence may be a bit too big for a fighting game roster, given that he's essentially a godly being whose purpose is to oversee evolution across the various beings living in the skies.

Obviously, with the vast power a character like this would undoubtedly be wielding, he'd have to be toned down majorly to be part of a fighting game roster and would likely not be doing much more than simply playing with his opponents. Even this seems somewhat out of character, though, given that he's generally portrayed as a benevolent and beloved deity.

Overall, Lucifer is a character who has quite a few fans, but it feels like rather than join the roster on his own, he's much more likely to simply be a part of the inclusion of his much more popular counterpart Sandalphon, for story reasons we're going to avoid spoiling.

Despite being such a significant character in Granblue Fantasy, Lucifer actually originated from a separate Cygames title called Rage of Bahamut.

#12: Vania

Race: "Other"
Weapon: Staff, Dagger
Votes: 24

One of very few characters in the Granblue Fantasy universe where her race is listed as "Other", mainly because she's (as you may guess from her name and her appearance) a vampire.

While she is a vampire, she's not as lawbound as most of her fellow vampires are. They generally follow strict rules, but Vania throws these rules away in order to help her pet dragon Malinda to get better.

Although probably not inherently evil, Vania has little understanding of human customs or even what's wrong with her vampire ways and frequently tries to make the main character (Gran or Djeeta depending on your player choice) into her "bloodkin", essentially a slave to her who's bound to obey her will forever, though her endeavors to do this get stopped continuously by the rest of the crew.

A vampire character would obviously be new ground for Granblue Fantasy Versus and there's lots of interesting things you could do with such a fighter, even moreso when they have a pet dragon (who is much fatter than the ones Zooey has at her command). Given her popularity and unique abilities, Vania definitely wouldn't be too farfetched of a pick for the roster moving forward.

Much like Lucifer, detailed above her, Vania also originated from the very same Cygames game as he did, Rage of Bahamut.

#11: Monika

Race: Human
Weapon: Sabre, Katana
Votes: 28

Part of a group called "The Enforcers" who strive to protect peace and order throughout the skies, Monika takes her task quite seriously and frequently fights together with her colleague and friend Lecia.

She was part of the game's story for a very long time without being playable until she was finally added as an obtainable character an October 2018 update.

Although she may look like a fairly young girl at first glance, she's an adult woman with serious authority and the power to enforce it — definitely a book which can't be judged by her cover.

Quite high in popularity and bringing in a separate faction if she were to be included in Granblue Fantasy Versus, she'd be an interesting addition, though I personally think that teaming her and Lecia together as a duo character would be even better.

#10: Clarisse

Race: Human
Weapon: Staff
Votes: 29

Clarisse was born as the heir to an ancient bloodline and had very high hopes placed on her. The heavy workload eventually caused her to have enough and abandon her studies, much to the dismay of her family. Although the choice continuously weighs on her, her happy-go-lucky attitude pushes her to ignore it and simply enjoy her life of exploring the skies and adventuring.

Heavily attuned to magic, Clarisse wields all kinds of powerful spells to take down her foes and is even a distant relative to a certain character we'll get to in the next part of our series (and who was briefly detailed in a previous story as well — namely Cagliostro).

Her peppy nature and happy demeanor has earned her quite the fanbase, and given that we don't have much in the way of magic wielders in the roster yet she'd definitely fit right in, both in personality and in ability. While she isn't too connected to the other characters already in the roster, she doesn't really need to be, either, seeing as the vast world of Granblue Fantasy has all kinds of different offshoots of characters, with everyone's common thread being their connection to and friendship with the main character of Gran or Djeeta.

#9: Beatrix

Race: Human
Weapon: Sabre
Votes: 39

Like Ilsa, another member of "The Society", Beatrix is much too impulsive for her own good and regularly runs face-first straight into trouble, ending up having to be bailed out by her fellow members.

She has a sisterly relationship with Zeta, who frequently scolds her for her carelessness, and much like you'd expect from a sisterhood bond they argue all the time, though it's quite obvious that the spats come from places of love, and they deeply care for each other's wellbeing.

Beatrix was originally from a noble family, but they were taken from her by enemies of The Society, which is what led her to ultimately join the group to avenge her fallen family. She doesn't despair about the promising future robbed from her, though, but simply strives to be her very best and prove that she can shine on her own as well (albeit with mixed results).

Given her close bond with Zeta, she would be a fantastic addition to the game and there would likely be entirely unique dialogue throughout the fight between the two. While her weapon and fighting style aren't that interesting since we already have quite a few sword users, you could easily take advantage of her abilities in-game where she drains her own health to increase the damage she inflicts on enemies to make an interesting moveset.

#8: Vane

Race: Human
Weapon: Spear, Axe
Votes: 43

Vane stands as one of the more likely characters not just because he's independently popular, but also because he's part of one of the most beloved groups of the Granblue Fantasy franchise — he's one of the four Dragon Knights, and two of them (Lancelot and Percival) are already in the roster.

He's been a close childhood friend to Lancelot since long before the two decided to join and rise up the ranks of the Order of the White Dragon to eventually take their place as two of the four Dragon Knights, and as such he wields the same element as Lancelot, namely water/ice.

While they may have the same elemental abilities, their fighting styles are wildly different and Vane fights with an axe, or sometimes a spear, which makes him a unique weapon type based on what we have so far in the Granblue Fantasy Versus roster.

Vane is also the jokester character among the Dragon Knights, bringing a more jovial tone to the group, as the others are always quite serious, albeit kind-natured and good-hearted, as evidenced by the proper demeanors of Lancelot and Percival (and even moreso in the next Dragon Knight, Siegfried, who — spoiler alert — made the top 7 in popularity and will be further detailed in the next article about this poll).

Thank you for taking the time to read through these short biographies for some of the most popular picks in Japan for Granblue Fantasy Versus roster additions, and please look forward to the next article in this series detailing the top 7 picks being published in the near future.

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