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Fahkumram has been banned from almost every Tekken 7 tournament in Pakistan according to Arslan Ash

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 21, 2020 at 2:39 p.m. PDT • Comments: 47

VS|Arslan Ash recently commented on Twitter on how strong Fahkumram is in Tekken 7. This eventually evolved into a discussion about the state of Tekken 7.

"This is what I have been saying for a long time," began Arslan Ash. "Even EQNX|Ulsan admitted this as well. 'The only way to beat Fahkumram is to pick Fahkumram.' We Pakistan people (majority top players) are not playing this stupid character as it is banned in almost every tournament in Pakistan."

It seemed that Arslan Ash wanted to make it known that he wasn't trying to discredit ROX|Knee with his comments about Fahkumram as his Tweet was in response to a video posted that showcased Knee winning a tournament with the character.

"Knee is a champion [and] he can win by picking any character," continued Arslan Ash. "But where is Ulsan's love for Kazumi? Everyone is here to win and to win we are forced to play 'overpowered' characters that we don’t ever wanna play. That hurts."

This would then prompt Knee to jump into the thread and share some of his thoughts. While he acknowledges that Tekken 7 encourages competitors to pick overpowered fighters to win, he notes that Akuma, Geese Howard, and Kazumi were the strong fighters that had to be picked up in Season 2.

"I agree that Fahkumram is overpowered," stated Knee. "But Akuma, Geese, and Kazumi in Season 2 were all overpowered. I mean, we have our favorite characters, but in order to win at tournaments, we have to play overpowered characters. I think this is Tekken 7."

Despite being a rather large character, Fahkumram has weird hurtboxes that allow him escape block and pressure strings in ways that most of the cast is unable to mirror. Arslan Ash's highlighted clip also demonstrates that Fahkumram is armed with some very impressive damage capabilities.

While version 3.32 attempted to address Fahkumram's hurtbox issues, some ended up persisting. One example shows that Fahkumram is still able to dash through Zafina's low kick, albeit less consistently.

When Leroy was first released in Season 3 of Tekken 7, he was widely considered to be the best character in the game. As a result, multiple patches had to be released that were seemingly dedicated to just nerfing Leroy in order to give the rest of the cast a chance against him.

Nerfs for Leroy ended up making him less safe on block, have less advantage on hit so that he couldn't pressure as easily, and toned down his damage.

Needless to say, this isn't boding well for the Tekken 7 community in Season 3 if there's yet another problem character in the roster. Although Fahkumram has already seen adjustments to his hurtboxes, it's currently unknown if we'll see him toned down more in the future.

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