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Which 10 characters occupy Street Fighter 5's lower mid tier? Four EventHubs staff members weigh in

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 20, 2020 at 10:22 a.m. PDT • Comments: 7

We find ourselves at part two of our Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tier list exploration here on EventHubs as Catalyst, MajinTenshinhan, DreamKing, and I continue to share our individual opinions on the Season 5 character order.

If you haven't already seen part one it's probably best you go check that our first before seeing characters 30-21, all of which await below.

Vega made it onto this section of three of our lists (and MajinTenshinhan had him at 31). While such a position isn't exactly heavily coveted, it is something of a good look for a character that has for so long wrestled with being of meme-worthy ability.

Sagat also pops up in this portion of three of the four lists, which, feels a bit unfortunate considering how much natural charisma the character has developed over the years. Many have expressed hope that The King would receive enough tools to climb at least above the halfway mark.

While we have seen some clear improvements and a bit of an uptick in usage for the muay thai master, his general honesty doesn't appear to do him any favors. Projectiles have become more legit than they were previously in SF5, but many characters have efficient ways around plasma-heavy strategies.

You can check out each of our four individual lists below. If you'd like to see the overall average and/or hear more in the way of our reasoning for why we made the choices we did, you can listen to this week's episode of the EventHubs Podcast wherein the four of us discuss this all in more depth.

Season 5 Tier List 30-21


21. Sakura
22. Necalli
23. Laura
24. Gill
25. Kage
26. Zangief
27. Sagat
28. Ed
29. Cody
30. Vega


21. R. Mika
22. Menat
23. Ken
24. Dhalsim
25. E. Honda
26. Abigail
27. Blanka
28. Balrog
29. Birdie
30. Sagat


21. Gill
22. Abigail
23. Sakura
24. Necalli
25. Kage
26. Zangief
27. Sagat
28. Cody
29. Ed
30. Vega


21. Kage
22. Sakura
23. Menat
24. R. Mika
25. Balrog
26. Lucia
27. Birdie
28. Cody
29. E. Honda
30. Vega

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