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Which characters are Japan using in Granblue Fantasy Versus? Who do they hate playing against? Famitsu's poll answers these questions and more

The results were published last month and shed a lot of light on how Granblue Fantasy Versus is being played across all levels in Japan

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • July 16, 2020 at 2:14 p.m. PDT • Comments: 21

Last month, Famitsu published the results of an extensive poll they held for players of Granblue Fantasy Versus ranging across all skill levels with lots of people responding to the poll, which featured many different questions relating to the game and its players, and paints a pretty solid picture of how the Japanese scene currently feel about the game.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the poll was the characters they're hoping to see added to the roster in the future — in fact, that part is so interesting that I'll be saving it for two future stories to detail the characters people are hoping for. Other questions, which we'll be looking at in this piece, include which characters they themselves are playing, which characters they hate going up against and even something as curiously eye-catching as favorite musical themes from the game.

Before jumping in to the listings, it should be noted that this poll was conducted through Famitsu readers who sent in their responses, with close to 2,000 participants taking part in the poll. The spread was across all ranks, with over 30 Master rank players participating, but also players as far down as the F rank online (which I honestly didn't even know existed). As such, this is a healthy blend between top level players and the absolute most casual of the casual.

Japan's Most Used Characters

1. Gran — 255 votes
2. Djeeta — 251 votes
3. Narmaya — 157 votes
4. Charlotta — 155 votes
5. Percival — 133 votes
6. Lancelot — 132 votes
7. Zooey — 122 votes
8. Ferry — 118 votes
9. Zeta — 113 votes
10. Metera — 92 votes
11. Katalina — 86 votes
12. Ladiva — 84 votes
13. Beelzebub — 75 votes
14. Vaseraga — 67 votes
15. Soriz — 47 votes
16. Lowain — 39 votes

Not too many surprises when looking over the characters that are popular to play in Japan, and for the most part it probably reflects decently well how the game seems to be being played elsewhere as well.

Standard characters Gran and Djeeta, who are fairly easy to use and also lore-wise function as the player character in Granblue Fantasy itself (which undoubtedly has a high degree of crossover with Granblue Fantasy Versus), top the chart without much competition.

Narmaya is one of the most popular characters in the franchise, so seeing her right after them isn't exactly a shock either, while Charlotta and Percival round out the rest of the top 5 which fits about right with what we've generally seen from the game, though I do think Narmaya is probably less represented at high levels than she is right here.

The lower end isn't unexpected either, seeing characters who are generally considered weak in the game (however true or not true that might be) with Beelzebub, Vaseraga, Soriz and Lowain rounding out the bottom four — these characters are often citen as being some of the weakest in the game, which seems reflected in Japan's choice of characters as well.

The biggest surprise to me, personally, was seeing Katalina not even making the top 10. She's a highly popular character at the upper levels of play and seems to have a decent amount of play worldwide. Early on in the game, we also saw that she was being played very frequently at the top levels in Japan as well.

Whether people have gravitated away from Katalina due to the changes to her or she simply isn't seeing much play at lower levels is unclear, but it is obvious that despite being a fairly basic character to play with a relatively standard moveset as far as fighting games go, Katalina isn't seeing anywhere near the popularity of Gran or Djeeta in Japan.

Considering she's quite a popular character in the source material and serves as something of the face of Granblue Fantasy together with Lyria and the main character (either Gran or Djeeta depending on your personal pick), it's definitely not where you'd generally expect to see her in the rankings. Outside of Katalina, though, I didn't really raise an eyebrow at any of the placings.

Japan's Most Hated Matchups

1. Ferry — 487 votes
2. Ladiva — 199 votes
3. Gran — 167 votes
4. Charlotta — 150 votes
5. Lancelot — 130 votes
6. Metera — 125 votes
7. Percival — 96 votes
8. Katalina — 94 votes
9. Zeta — 84 votes
10. Beelzebub — 70 votes

Given the extreme disdain held for Ferry ever since the game's launch, it's hardly surprising to find out that Japan also hates playing against this whip-wielder with a fiery passion. Her intense zoning capabilities coupled with some fierce setplay under the right circumstances is a true thorn in anyone's side.

Next in line, my personal most hated character to fight against, Ladiva is hardly much of a shock either. Her command grab game leading to intense oki is one thing, but you also have the good mid-range buttons which lead to those same oki situations. Anyone who hates playing against grapplers is going to hate playing against Ladiva double, and given how grapplers are usually seen it's easy to see why Ladiva is so high up.

Next we have several usual suspects that people often have trouble with or hate for with Gran, Charlotta and Lancelot, all characters who can easily bully their opposition (much more so if they haven't properly done their homework) and are hard to pin down. In Gran's case he also does some absolutely unbelievable damage from stray hits which undoubtedly increases the frustration tenfold (and also explains why he's on the list while Djeeta who has a similar playstyle outside of that fact is not).

My own main, Metera, shows up on the list likely because of how hard her zoning can be to deal with, especially if the Metera player has a good read on your habits, coupled with the crazy setups she can get once she has Aetherial Seals out. Anyone who hasn't learned the Metera matchup definitely hates her (I've had to teach it to a lot of people), and even after learning it, it isn't exactly a walk in the park.

In general, the listings here seem fairly in line with the opinions I've seen from people here in the West as well. While it's common to talk about how views on characters and matchups are very different between Japan and the rest of the world, we can at least see that when you spread it across all skill levels, it seems about in line with what you'd expect.

Of course, there aren't any details on who the players themselves play when they complain about these matchups. Given that Ferry is a strong candidate for best in the game, or at the very least one of the strongest, it makes sense that there's such an overwhelming amount of votes for her here. She has more than double what the second placer has, so unfortunately for this blue-haired ghost girl she's probably going to end up on Santa's naughty list this year (and possibly on the developers' nerf list as well).

Japan's Favorite Character Themes

1. Butterfly Girl (VS Narmaya) — 223 votes
2. The Same Blue Sky (VS Djeeta) — 198 votes
3 (tied). Licht (VS Ferry) — 166 votes
3 (tied). Existence (VS Beelzebub) —166 votes
5. Peacemaker's Wings (VS Zooey) — 154 votes

This one is obviously more of a fun addition than anything too serious, but with how many great songs are part of Granblue Fantasy Versus, and indeed the Granblue Fantasy franchise as a whole, it's nice to see just which songs are being appreciated the very most.

I'll be honest and say I find it hard to argue with Butterfly Girl being probably the strongest track out of them all, which not only has a lot of feeling going into it but also sets a very fast pace which fits perfect for a fighting game battle.

For the others, it's about what I expected, though I am surprised to see Existence end up as high as it did. I personally love the track, but I figured this one would be quite polarizing, especially since it's currently the only track in the game that has vocals attached to it. It could be the case of a song being more in-line with what Japanese audiences like, since I've heard some complaints about it from Western players, but I'm glad to see it get its dues since I happen to be a big fan of it.

I'm obviously highly biased for my homegirl, but it is a bit sad to not see the respect owed to Second to None (Metera's theme, of course) by the Japanese public. While their choices are definitely good songs, it pains my heart to see a top 5 without my favorite (or at least tied favorite with Butterfly Girl) track being part of it.

As noted earlier in the story, the poll also dealt with something more juicy for fans of Granblue Fantasy Versus, namely some looks at potential future content with a ranking of fifteen characters from the source game Granblue Fantasy which Japanese fans voted that they wanted to see join the roster of Granblue Fantasy Versus eventually.

I'll be writing another piece (or maybe even two) in the near future giving more details on these characters, their fighting styles, personalities and their role in the general lore, but if you already consider yourself quite the Granblue Fantasy buff, you can check out the scans from Famitsu for yourself over here courtesy of the Twitter account HDKirin.

Some of the characters already show up in previous pieces I've written which focused on an entirely different poll that had nothing to do with Versus specifically, but was focused on the Granblue Fantasy media giant overall, though I'll be detailing the characters all over again regardless.

If you missed these previous pieces, you can find the one focusing on a few highly popular male characters here as well as one talking about some popular female picks here.

With Granblue Fantasy Versus approaching the half year mark since its release, how are you enjoying the game? Which character do you use, and who do you hate to fight? Do these Japanese rankings ring true to you, or are you flabbergasted at their collective choices? Let us know in the comments.

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