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Fighting EX Layer launches rollback netcode beta test

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 11, 2020 at 6:07 a.m. PDT • Comments: 37

The fighting game netcode push within the community reached an all time high over the past couple of years where some of that advocation has started to produce results.

Arika revealed a new beta version of Fighting EX Layer on PC which adds in a test implementation of rollback netcode and is available right now.

To gain access to this test version of the game, players must own the PC release and go into the properties section on Steam. Navigate to the betas, select the 2020 beta and input the access code "exfbetatest1" before launching the title.

Ichiro Mihara, vice president of Arika, took to Twitter to give an overview of what to expect when trying out FEXL in this new form and its limitations on the systems they've managed to get working so far.

The developers goal is to eliminate match slowdown for up to 150ms of latency by using player predictive systems based on behavior starting in the first round.

Mihara does note, however, that the new beta client is unstable due to the implemented prediction system with players reporting crashes and other issues that can hopefully be solved by turning off VSYNC, playing in fullscreen and possibly lowering resolution.

FEXL Beta test rules image #1
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Disconnections will also occur in matches where the ping reaches higher than 160ms, but perhaps that's for the best.

General early impressions from players online appear to be mostly positive noting the lower input delay and only minor cases of the jitters as shown in Razzira's clip.

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There's no set end date for the testing period though Arika says they may close it or suspend it at any time if larger issues arise.

This is all still meant for testing purposes by the developer as well, as they confirm there is no promise that this rollback implementation will make its way into the full release.

Back in May, Mihara revealed the developers had been tinkering with rollback, but made clear that they have no solid plans for fully releasing the updated / test netcode for Fighting EX Layer.

The new beta version of the game is based on the April Fool's update from earlier this year with a few changes mechanic and balance changes tossed in.

Arika aren't the only Japanese developers finally digging into rollback netcode either as we already know Guilty Gear Strive will be the first in franchise to feature it over the Arc System Works standard delay-based connections.

Some of the team over at French Bread have also experimented with getting GGPO to work within Under Night In-Birth though they've admitted they've run into problems getting it working.

Fighting EX Layer released back in 2018 after initially being teased as an April Fool's joke the prior year which has since gone on to receive multiple DLC characters including SNK's Terry Bogard.

As for now, the fighting game development scene appears to be marching forward towards a rollback future though it seems we'll be here in this transitional phase for a while still.

Sent in by Oniros.

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