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Tekken 7 Director's recent post features potential link to Yakuza series, once again sparking speculation among fans

Either that or they're just using a real world locale

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 9, 2020 at 6:55 a.m. PDT • Comments: 30

Tekken 7's third season of content wrapped up earlier this spring, and while nothing's been confirmed about what may be coming next, there may be a hint floating around in front of our faces.

Katsuhiro Harada, the longtime director of the Tekken series, recently shared a photo to his Twitter page featuring four images taken from within the latest game though there's one that's caught the attention of Yakuza fans in particular.

The top right picture of the post — next to the creepy Alisa face — shows Lee standing in front of a Matsuya fast food restaurant which is currently not featured in any stage available in Tekken 7.

This has led fans of the Yakuza series to speculate that the fighting game may soon be seeing a member of Sega's action-adventure beat 'em up series as DLC.

Matsuya restaurants, a real chain in Japan, has been included in multiple entries in the Yakuza games at this point along with other locales found around Kamurocho.

If this is indeed an in-development stage for Tekken 7, then fans' desires to see Kazuma Kiryu or Goro Majima may finally come to fruition though there are some other potential explanations as to why Matsuya is behind Lee.

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The restaurant may be part of a test stage recreating a real location when building the game engine instead of designing their own from scratch, or it could also be a background image test for a photo mode given the apparent quality of storefront shown.

Tekken producer Michael Murray did recently confirm their team did have announcements planned for EVO Online prior to its cancellation and that they're trying to figure out the best way to reveal the news now.

Daisuke Sato, producer of the Yakuza franchise, previously stated a few years ago that he's supportive of Kiryu making the jump to Tekken though admitted the decision ultimately wasn't up to him.

"Regarding Yakuza, even before Tekken 7, there was a group of hardcore fans that were asking for a collaboration," said Harada back in 2018. "However, we have not yet done the research on whether this is something our audience as a whole are interested in... We were actually surprised that there was a group of fans on the Yakuza side that were asking for a collaboration with Tekken. Maybe there is a crossover among the fan bases?"

The website for Tekken 7 also updated earlier this year to show a mysterious 50th character slot with only a silhouette though there's been no further developments on that potential fighter since.

Without further information from Bandai Namco, it's almost impossible to know if this image was a tease for what's to come, but we do know at least that Tekken 7 still appears to have gas left in the tank.

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