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2GGaming bans D1, Keitaro, Nairo, Cinnpie, Xzax, and S2H from all future events

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 2, 2020 at 2:33 p.m. PDT • Comments: 72

Six members of the Super Smash Bros. community have been banned from all future 2GGaming events following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

2GG posted the following statement on Twitter indicating that D1, Keitaro, Nairo, Cinnpie, Xzax, and S2H will no longer be allowed to attend events put on by the Southern California-based eSports organization.

Dear Smash Community,

First I'd like to start by saying how saddened all of us at 2GGaming are with the barrage of news coming from our community. We hope justice in and out of the community is reached for all victims and they are allowed time to heal. 2GGaming was created as an escape from your day-to-day life. We strive to make our events as safe as possible, and we hope you can find confidence in our staff and volunteers to keep you safe in and near our events. If you see something in or around our events where something just doesn't feel 'right' you can always come to any of us and we will attempt to address it in real-time.

With that being said, and with all of the recent allegations within the community, we will be revising a ruling we made earlier this year against S2H. During our initial investigations we had skewed information from the alleged victim's side. Due to us not being able to speak to the victim's party and not being able to get confirmation as to what information was valid, we overturned a temporary ban on S2H. Within the last 24 hours, we have been able to speak to the victim and now having all the information needed to re-instate the ban effective immediately. This ban pertains to all future 2GGaming events and all partnered 2GGaming events where we have authority to instate our ban list.

Our past processes largely involved a SoCal Safety Panel, of which effective today we will no longer be utilizing. Like many of us, we want to do our part and be the helping hand for new and old people in the scene. We feel the move to creating a new third-party panel which will largely handle all future allegations and misconduct is the better move. Hand selecting those with a certified background in mediation and those with verifiable past experience in helping victims of abuse. We will continue to look to the CoC in the interim for rulings on players with allegations tied to them, and will issue temporary bans against all players with allegations against them until a ruling from the CoC is made. For clarification, we have and will continue to report instances of abuse to the CoC regardless of where the information came from (victim, 3rd party, or the attacker). We will however confirm with the alleged victim first before reporting anything to anyone out of respect to them.

A list of people currently banned from all future 2GGaming events include but is not limited to:


Moving forward we will have newly implemented safety measures including revised alcohol and parental consent regulations. We will be announcing these changes when we are cleared and it is safe to host in person events again.

We want to close our statement with the following. We are not professionals and have no qualifications in professional mediation or helping victims of abuse, trauma or assault. If we offended or hurt anyone, we ask you please email us and we can attempt to correct any wrongdoing we may have committed.

- 2GGaming

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