Full Seth gameplay breakdown for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition released

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • January 30, 2020 at 10:09 a.m. PST | Comments: 45

Capcom has just released a full breakdown for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's upcoming DLC character, Seth.

In this showcase, we see a run-through of the fighter's normals, special moves, combos, and more. Capcom's own Kim1234 and Matt "The Street Writer" Edwards dive into the specifics of what this returning, albeit freshly designed, boss character plays like.

Right out of the gate, we're given a look at both Seth's new, default look, as well as the Nostalgia costume. Fans of Street Fighter 4 will definitely recognize the latter, as it looks very similar to the original form.

Seth's toolset features several command normals, including a down-forward + heavy kick that looks like an overhead, but isn't, and a forward + heavy kick that looks similar to the aforementioned attack, but actually is an overhead.

We also learn that, like Gill, Seth has a 3-frame normal attack. Crouching light punch will be your weapon of choice for those quick interrupts during the gaps in offensive strings.

Seth's air options include a cross up jumping light kick, and a jumping medium punch that puts the opponent into a juggle state — much like the character does in Street Fighter 4.

On the special move front, Seth has four different attacks to work with. There's the "Mad Cradle" uppercut, a spin kick, air ax kick, and a rapid stab attack. Each of these special moves also has an EX version, with the spin kick gaining a jump cancel trait when used.

V-Skill 1, Tanden Engine, allows you to steal a specific attack from the opponent and use it one time after a successful steal. Using this technique on another Seth sees the new fighter briefly bulk up and land a massive single punch.

For V-Skill 2, Seth gains access to a command dash that goes nearly full screen. Pressing it twice will cancel the dash early, and it also powers up all of Seth's grounded special moves when used in conjunction with it.

V-Trigger 1, Tanden Ignition, is three bars and powers up all four of Seth's special moves. Every one of these attacks gains an added portion to it, which involves a teleport into a follow-up.

Seth's two-bar V-Trigger 2 summons a ball of energy that remains on screen for a limited time. It can be controlled by Seth, moving it in different directions with the ability to be bounced of the floor, and can be detonated whenever the player decides to do so.

It is noted that Seth is a character that doesn't rely on EX meter too much when fighting. From what we're seeing, it looks like Street Fighter 5's 40th character is going to be centered around heavy offense and mix up potential using tools like V-Trigger 2 for set ups and V-Trigger 1 for tacking on big damage.

Seth is set for release on February 14, launching alongside the standalone version of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

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