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Leroy nerfed in upcoming Tekken 7 balance patch, version 3.20 patch notes released

Free update coming tomorrow

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • January 27, 2020 at 9 a.m. PST • Comments: 93

Tekken 7 is set to receive an update tomorrow, January 28, that will add new features to the game. In addition to this, a balance patch will be implemented, and Bandai Namco has released the official patch notes for the upcoming version 3.20.

A handful of character changes are being made, but easily the biggest takeaway is that Season 3 newcomer Leroy Smith has been nerfed.

Since his release, Leroy has been considered one of, if not, the best character in Tekken 7 Season 3. This past weekend at EVO Japan 2020, over 12 percent of the top 128 mained the character, making his prominence one of the major talking points of the weekend.

Players have been calling for Leroy nerfs for a while now, and it looks like version 3.20 will be toning down the fighter. Most of the patch notes consist of Leroy changes, with several seeing damage reductions on various attacks and strings.

Other changes see a greater distance between Leroy and his opponent when hit, and the third hit of his down + 2 + 3 launcher has gone from +8 on block to -7.

The pushback on certain attacks for characters like Josie, Anna, and Ganryu was reduced, making them easier to land. We also see Yoshimitsu's forward + 2 during Kincho receive more range.

Version 3.20 will be adding the "MY REPLAY & TIPS" feature, free of charge. Players will be able to watch replays with on-screen advice on how to improve once the patch is live.

Tekken 7 version 3.20 patch notes

PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM Ver.3.20 Update Note (As of January 28th, 2020)

New feature “MY REPLAY & TIPS”
In ”MY REPLAY & TIPS”, a player can view replays of their own matches.
Suggestions for improvement are displayed along with the replay.

Battle balance adjustment
Adjustments to game balance for certain characters were made. Please see the details from this page.

Adjustments to frame data information for certain moves were made.
Corrected the unintentional display of data in specific circumstances for certain moves.

Tekken 7 version 3.20 patch notes image #1
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