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Daigo's Guile with V-Skill 2 and V-Trigger 2 takes on YHCmochi's Dhalsim in Street Fighter 5 Season 5

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • January 21, 2020 at 4:58 p.m. PST • Comments: 8

Although CYG|Daigo has been playing a lot of Ryu and Kage during his streams, he's been adamant that he'll be sticking with Guile for tournament play. This seems to give credence to the idea that Guile will be very strong in the Season 5 meta.

SFV Fan has uploaded a video that features Daigo going up against YHCmochi's Dhalsim. This will be a tough set as YHCmochi is currently ranked as a Warlord while Daigo is "only" an Ultimate Grand Master.

While Guile's V-Skill 1 was already perceived as being one of the best V-Skills in the game, Daigo has opted to go with V-Skill 2 in this match up. By using these forward moving air Sonic Booms, Daigo will be able to keep up the pressure which is key when going up against Dhalsim.

In addition to this, Daigo also appears to be fighting with V-Trigger 2. When activated, projectiles will be generated with every Flash Kick. This should add a layer of risk against Dhalsim since he'll be hindered from throwing out his limbs.

To combat this, YHCmochi has stuck with V-Skill 1 instead of using V-Skill 2. Although his fireballs can't be powered up, his ability to float should help Dhalsim get around the fireballs.

Finally, V-Trigger 2 was chosen for Dhalsim in this match up. This will surely help Dhalsim control the air space so that Guile isn't able to perform Flash Kicks too often.

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