Sako: If I picked Menat against Kage, I'm going to look like a bully... the match up isn't designed for Kage to win in Street Fighter 5 Season 5

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • January 20, 2020 at 4:32 p.m. PST

FAV|Sako is often regarded as one of the best Menat users in the world for Street Fighter 5. He is also known for pulling Kage out at tournaments every now and again.

Notably, Kage has received a plethora of interesting buffs during the Season 5 update. As a result, some players believe that Kage may have the potential to really impact the meta during the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour season. In a recent video uploaded by FGC Translated, Sako notes how the match up is still skewed in Menat's favor.

"If I picked Menat against Kage, it's going to look like I'm bullying [the opponent]," stated Sako. "This match up isn't designed for Kage to win. It doesn't matter how hard Kage tries."

Sako noted that playing Kage in his usual way will result in a bad match up. From certain ranges, Kage is unable to deal with Menat's far reaching pokes. Even Menat's sweep can't be punished if spaced correctly.

With V-Skill 1 selected, Menat can easily absorb and reflect fireballs. It really didn't seem like Sako minded taking the second and third hits of Kage's red fireballs after absorbing the first hit for V-Gauge.

According to Sako, the Menat user simply has to wait for Kage to try to armor through using their V-Skill 1. Once blocked, Menat can punish. This is essentially what dictates the neutral play in this particular match up.

Photo source: Capcom Fighters.

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