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'You can't really win unless you have at least 2 characters' - Fujimura explores using Chun-Li in Street Fighter 5 to cover Ibuki's weaknesses

Are we going to see more Japanese players pick up serious secondary characters?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 19, 2020 at 9:59 a.m. PST • Comments: 24

As we move into the beginning of Street Fighter 5's fourth full year on the market, players are reassessing their character choices while also exploring new possibilities following the success that some multi-fighter users have had at places like Capcom Cup and EVO the past few years.

Many of the best Japanese players have tried their best sticking with only one tournament-ready character in SF5 outside of some like RB|Bonchan and CYG|Fuudo though now the secondary movement seems to be gaining a bit more traction within the region.

Rohto|Tokido has been deadly lately with his Urien play, and now FD|Fujimura, who is generally seen as the best Ibuki player in the world, is exploring the world of a newly buffed Chun-Li to potentially help cover up the ninja's weaknesses.

One of FGC Translated's most recent videos focuses on Fujimura's thoughts on and online play with Chun-Li where he's looking fairly strong already though the player formerly known as Yukadon freely admits that he's still getting accustomed to charge characters.

Fujimura claims that Chunners was essentially his first choice as a potential secondary because he feels like her playstyle is similar to how he plays Ibuki. That doesn't mean he believes her to be a top tier fighter in Season 5, however.

A weak jump game aside from air lightning legs, good but not overly oppressive V-Triggers and struggling against some fireball characters are all reasons why Fujimura states that he won't be dropping Ibuki for Chun anytime soon.

"I'll still play Ibuki as my main, and I'll use a sub to go against her bad match ups," said Fujimura during the stream. "I might switch my main and sub at some point though. But if I keep Ibuki, then it'd be really annoying to the opponent. I won't give her up unless there's another character who's really strong."

This willingness to pick up a secondary seems to be a wider shift in the players' perspectives in Japan with at least a decent number of them feeling as if they need at least two characters to win bigger events.

"It's not that having more than two characters is the mainstream way," said Fujimura. "It's that you can't win unless you do that. That's what we think."

Our current Capcom Cup champion, iDom, caught the attention of everyone by winning it all, switching between Laura and Poison though we've also seen big success with others like Mouz|Problem X at EVO 2018 and NuckleDu at Capcom Cup 2016. Perhaps we're now entering a bit of a new era for SF5 where character variety and match up experience is going to play a more vital role in the meta instead of playing ride or die with main picks / top tiers. We can hope at least and see how long that may last once the new Capcom Pro Tour season starts.

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