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Two players have intense staredown during Samurai Shodown match for 30 seconds until commentators notice that it's actually a controller issue

That's the game sometimes

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 19, 2020 at 12:10 p.m. PST • Comments: 10

Fighting games are often described as mental chess games mixed with physical execution, and last year's Samurai Shodown game encapsulates that idea considering that just one wrong move can cost a player the entire round no matter how much health they have left on their gauge.

During their deciding match of top 16 at Frosty Faustings last night, Guzman and SpaceDetectiveKH start the first round of SamSho as usual before backing off and getting into what appears to be an intense mind game of who is going to make a move first.

Except, that's not what was really going on... and it took nearly everyone almost the entire round to figure it out that wasn't really a staredown in front of them, leading to one of the best tournament clips of the year thus far.

For around 30 seconds, neither player hardly budges or presses an attack leading to the commentators to build up anticipation over what the Yashamaru and Ukyo players had planned for each other.

"This is a Kurosawa movie," says Woolie, one of the commentators. "Alright, the cough, the staredown, the snow gently falling just like here in Chicago."

After the in-game timer ticks down below 25 seconds, however, they realize something is amiss considering no buttons have been pressed whatsoever for quite a while, and one of the players is looking none too happy.

It became quickly apparent at that point Guzman's controller was having issues, so the players were letting the clock wind down to give SpaceDetective the round for the technical difficulties.

The move didn't just catch the commentators off guard either, as even the Twitch chat and attendees at Frosty Faustings believed as well the players were just building up hype for the next move.

Guzman would be able to come back and take the next round, ironically through a time out, though the Ukyo player would end up taking the set in the conclusion.

SpaceDetectiveKH would finish the tournament in fifth place while Guzman would still end up qualifying for top 8 and place seventh. It always sucks to see players lose rounds / games due to controller issues, but at least this time we got an entertaining clip out of the odd scenario. Also shout outs to any commentary team that can keep everything exciting even when there's no buttons being pressed.

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