Dead or Alive 6 receives glowing sci-fi bodysuit costumes for the first release of Season Pass 4 next week

Watch where you point those lasers

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 18, 2020 at 10:35 a.m. PST

We're quickly approaching the first anniversary of Dead or Alive 6's launch, and Koei Tecmo shows no real signs of slowing down support for their flagship fighting game anytime soon.

Team Ninja had originally revealed DOA6 would be receiving a fourth season pass earlier this month, and it appears as though its first piece of content when it launches next week will be sexy sci-fi-themed bodysuits for the ladies of the game.

The Japanese DOA Twitter account revealed the costumes and a handful of screenshot examples of the SF Bodysuits which seem to have glowing parts that can be turned off and on.

Marie Rose receives a new cat-themed outfit though this one has a lot more cyber and leather elements to it. She even appears to have a glowing blue tail... because of course she does.

They also show off the costumes for NiCO, Kasumi and Lisa / La Mariposa though it'll probably contain about 15 or so new looks in total if the previous packs are anything to go by.

Season Pass 4 is scheduled to release with these new sci-fi costumes on January 21 although KT has yet to release any more details about pricing for the new year or all of what it will contain aside from these futuristic looks.

DOA Sci-fi costumes image #1 DOA Sci-fi costumes image #2 DOA Sci-fi costumes image #3 DOA Sci-fi costumes image #4
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