Sakurai flips the bird, the internet can't believe it's not Dante, and more; Super Smash Bros. Ultimate memes after today's Byleth reveal are too good

Spoilers, it wasn't Dante

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 16, 2020 at 5:18 p.m. PST

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community was rather surprised today when Byleth was revealed as the sixth and final new character of Fighter Pass 1.

While Smash players are surely excited to explore what this newcomer has to offer come January 28, many have expressed a bit of distaste at having yet another sword fighter Fire Emblem character join the roster. As such, the memes have been flooding in and we've rounded up a handful of favorites to share with you.

Byleth is both a sword fighter and yet another character hailing from the Fire Emblem series, and so @BourbonPlanner decided to poke a little fun at the newcomer along these lines.

With Marth being the first playable FE character in Smash, (back in Melee) Bourbon Planner put together a graphic depicting the 20+ sword-wielding characters in Ultimate all named as though they were variations of Marth.

@Bloxus teases in a similar manner with their "OOPS! ALL FIRE EMBLEM" Smash-themed logo while @Rozark goes in on thinly-spread DLC.

@Stupjam has drawn a very nice image of the female Byleth drinking out of a Cuphead cup, and ZeR0 retweeted a not-so-nice image of Masahiro Sakurai with his middle finger up during today's presentation. No doubt this particular image will likely stick around Smash channels for a good while to come.

@RSSLiam is the one responsible for sharing that pretty hilarious "I can't believe it's not Dante" image you saw in the banner. For those wondering, Dante of Devil May Cry was easily the most suspected character in the days leading up to the reveal. @Cloud805 shared a different image in this same vein as Dante reaches for, but misses his Smash invitation.

You'll find all of these in the gallery below, but first, check out this GIF from @theSirToasty imagining the wry smile Sakurai gave during the stream today as a response to the internet hoping for Dante. (There's a bit of harsh language as well as a middle finger in the content below, so be warned that it is a tad NSFW.)

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Byleth Memes 01 image #1 Byleth Memes 01 image #2 Byleth Memes 01 image #3 Byleth Memes 01 image #4 Byleth Memes 01 image #5 Byleth Memes 01 image #6 Byleth Memes 01 image #7
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