Tomorrow's character reveal will be the second longest 'Sakurai Presents' stream after Terry — What could this mean for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • January 15, 2020 at 4:59 p.m. PST | Comments: 14

We will finally learn the identity of the Fighters Pass' final mysterious challenger for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tomorrow. Masahiro Sakurai will be hosting the event himself, just like with the previous DLC characters.

It's already been declared that this reveal process will last for approximately 35 minutes. In other words, this will be the second longest "Mr. Sakurai Presents" program that will air with Terry Bogard's moveset showcase being the longest.

The first time Sakurai took on this "livestream approach" was with Dragon Quest's Hero. This took up 21:34 in order to go over all the mechanics and specials — including many hidden details regarding the Command Selection.

A few months later, the Banjo-Kazooie presentation would demonstrate how the character would function in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This ended up being a 25:14 long video.

Inevitably, Terry Bogard's showcase was the longest as it required 48:52. It's worth mentioning that a lot of this time was spent of "fluff" things such as talking about the Neo Geo, the history of Terry Bogard, details about the roughly 50 songs added, characters in the stage's background, and more.

We were also treated to a completed look at Terry's trailer which featured gameplay that wasn't present in the first look. Of course, Sakurai did note that the situation with the songs will probably be a one-off case.

Even if we look at the trailer that showcased Joker's abilities a day before his release, that video only lasted for 15:28. In other words, this next challenger's showcase will have a duration that's between Banjo-Kazooie's and Terry's.

What could we be in store for tomorrow? Well for starters, the buildup to the character's big reveal within the trailer itself will likely require at least a couple of minutes.

Just like with the others, some time will likely be spent talking about the character's history in gaming. This won't really tell us much about what the character is like during gameplay, but will give those that might be unfamiliar of who they are with an understanding of why they were added to Smash.

Being that Joker has the Rebellion Gauge and Arsene, Hero has Critical Strikes and the random Command Selection, Banjo-Kazooie has the limited Wonderwing, while Terry Bogard adopted the fighting game inputs and has Super Special attacks, it seems like our mysterious new character will likely have a few unique qualities of their own that we'll need to go over.

And of course, we'll probably be hearing about details regarding the new stage, music, and Mii costumes that will be coming in the 7.0.0 update. It is worth mentioning that Sakurai previously stated that the Home Run Contest was "pretty much" going to be the last mode added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so we probably shouldn't expect anything on that avenue.

As of this moment, we currently don't know anything about the characters that will come after the Fighters Pass. Will there be a "Fighters 2"? If so, tomorrow might be the perfect opportunity to reveal some details about this subject.

Although speculation is currently going wild on the internet, there is a possibility that this theme of "three" (Sakurai holding up three fingers and the three question marks) may have something to do with what will be shown tomorrow. Do keep in mind that there's no confirmed evidence that supports this theory though.

Regardless, it's best to be prepared for what awaits us tomorrow.

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