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Seth in Street Fighter 5 appears to have copied moves from Darkstalker's Demitri Maximoff as a fun reference

Mad Cradle and Mad Spin? More like Demon Cradle and Bat Spin

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • January 17, 2020 at 6:17 a.m. PST • Comments: 31

Seth is an android in the Street Fighter series that's capable of copying other fighters' techniques. This can either be an interesting or dull concept, depending on a player's view on the matter.

Due to the events of Street Fighter 4's story, Seth has been forced into a new body — which is a bit jarring at first, hearing Seth's voice coming out of a female doll body. In addition to this, it has lost access to all stolen moves due to a corrupted memory. It'll only be able to use the opponent's attack once after copying them with its V-Skill 1 before needing to do it again.

As pointed out by HiFight, Seth might be borrowing moves from another Capcom series to make up for these losses.

Mad Spiral, Mad Cradle, and Mad Spin are moves that are accessible in Seth's moveset during Street Fighter 5's gameplay. Where did these attacks come from though?

Within the Darkstalkers series, there's a character known as Demitri Maximoff. Within his move pool exist attacks known as "Demon Cradle" and "Bat Spin."

Notably, Seth's attacks appear identical to Demitri's. This seems to imply that Seth may have somehow come into contact with Demitri and copied these attacks.

More than likely though, this is just a fun reference that Capcom placed into Seth's moveset.

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