iDom and Punk repeat their Capcom Cup grand finals set by meeting up once again during grand finals at NLBC 200

Does the champ still hold his crown at weeklies?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 15, 2020 at 9:41 a.m. PST | Comments: 17

iDom and Punk's grand finals set of Capcom Cup 2019 will likely go down as one of the greatest in Street Fighter 5's lifespan for its back and forth nature, the adjustments and re-adjustments by both players, and of course everything being won with Laura and Poison.

The east coast is certainly showing its strength in SF5, and in the scene's biggest weekly, Next Level Battle Circuit in New York, the Capcom Cup champ and runner-up faced off against each other once again at the 200th event where some new characters would shake things up a bit for Punk.

The record holder for the most single season points in Capcom Pro Tour history has been spending a lot of time streaming and playing Lucia lately following the nerfs to Karin in Season 5, and Punk went so far as to use the DLC character to start the set though this time it would be iDom in the winners side.

This switch, however, didn't exactly go in Punk's favor, as the CC champ and his Poison took four straight rounds of the set with the whip fighter's range and damage looking really strong in 2020 to the point where Punk couldn't really seem to get anything going.

For the third game, however, Punk busted out his backup last season in Chun-Li where things would really turn around, and he took full advantage of her Season 5 buffs and knock down on heavy Lightning Legs.

Chun-Li's long legs and heavy punch are seemingly a much better match up against Poison which made games three and four a much closer set with excellent spacing and setups between both of these rivals.

We won't spoil how it ends if you have yet to watch it, but HiFight did clip the final round of Punk and iDom's rematch which you can also check out below though we'll probably see much more of these two throughout 2020.

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