Seth's Tanden Engine showcase 3 reveals what moves the copycat can steal from Sakura, Ed, Gill and Kolin in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Third time's the charm, eh?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 14, 2020 at 10:08 a.m. PST | Comments: 36

After spending the first half of 2019 in near silence, Capcom seems to have opened up quite a bit on letting the audience know how things are shaking up in Street Fighter 5 though it's been through a lot of piecemeal and smaller reveals.

Today, Capcom released the third video showcase for Seth and what their Tanden Engine V-Skill 1 can steal from Sakura, Ed, Gill and Kolin this time around.

Finishing off the Shoto stealing brigade, Seth takes Sakura's Shunpukyaku kicks to pair up with Ken's Shoryuken, Ryu's Hadoken and Kage's demonic ax kick essentially filling out everything they could possibly take from the archetype.

Tying back into the story of Street Fighter 4 if Seth and Ed cross paths, the mechanical warrior can take a bit of psycho power to use Psycho upper though it looks like it may not give any additional follow-up combo potential — something that seems to be a theme of this showcase.

Gill's Moonsault Knee Drop is also up for grabs if he is hit by the Tanden Engine and Install while his right hand Kolin can have her light Vanity Step taken by the villain.

Seth's first showcase video detailed the moves Tanden Engine can take from Alex, Falke, Kage and Menat while the second one last week showed us what happens against Cammy, Ryu, Vega and Necalli. There's still a lot we don't know about how this V-Skill works when put into practice, however, like how many uses Seth receives for installing.

Seth is set to release along with the full launch of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition on February 14. We also recently learned that Seth is tied for the second lowest amount of health and stun in the game next to Akuma.

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