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The Fighters Pass' fifth challenger for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may have been leaked by voice actor's strange comment

'To be part of Marvel vs. Capcom or Super Smash Bros. or both, which is what Dante is going to be...'

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • January 13, 2020 at 3:17 p.m. PST • Comments: 23

It's been two months since Terry Bogard was released for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the Fighters Pass' fourth challenger. In fact, he was revealed as a character back in September.

Since then, we've heard basically nothing about the mysterious fifth combatant that's supposed to round out the Fighters Pass — though more DLC is supposedly being worked on afterwards. There's a possibility that suggests that the character might have been leaked in a recent podcast.

Brian Hanford, the voice actor for V in Devil May Cry 5, recently sat down with JoJo Wifi to discuss topics that pertained to relevant video games. As one might imagine, the topic of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate eventually came up.

"This is what kills me about it," stated Hanford. "I'm a new character, so I'm not in the Devil May Cry lore enough to ever be considered for Super Smash Bros."

It should probably come as no surprise to hear that Hanford is a big fan of the Super Smash Bros. series. Unfortunately for fans of V, the character has only appeared in Devil May Cry 5 thus far. While the story heavily revolved around the new character, he's likely not ready to become playable in a fighting game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just yet.

Hanford described having V in something like Super Smash Bros. or the Marvel vs. Capcom series as being the "ultimate life goal." Then he said something rather peculiar...

"To be part of Marvel vs. Capcom or Super Smash Bros. or both, which is what Dante is going to be... come on. This is what I want," declared Hanford. You can listen to this part of the conversation which starts at 6:21 in the video.

Notably, the director of Devil May Cry 5 made a statement in early 2019 that the Devil May Cry series would first need to be playable on a Nintendo system before Dante could join the Super Smash Bros. roster. Funnily enough, the original Devil May Cry would later be announced for the Nintendo Switch a few months later. Did the director know this was coming down the line when he made this statement?

What's interesting is that a remaster for Devil May Cry 3 is also coming to the Nintendo Switch in February 2020. It's worth mentioning that the estimated time of release for the Fighters Pass' five challengers was also set for February 2020.

Matt Walker, the producer for Devil May Cry 3 on the Nintendo Switch told fans to mark January 16, January 30, and February 13 on their calendars for some interesting news regarding Devil May Cry. As a result, fans have been speculating that a new Nintendo Direct will air on January 16, 2020.

Of course, the biggest knock to this rumor is the fact that Brian Hanford is the voice actor for V, and not Dante. If any character were to make it on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, it's extremely likely that it'd be the series protagonist, Dante.

Why would Hanford be in the know about Dante joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Assuming this to be true and not some sort of joke or misunderstanding, the most plausible explanation would be that he heard it from someone else in the industry.

Although Dante hails from a series that's known for its mature themes, so too do Bayonetta and Snake. In fact, Kamiya Hideki is responsible for both the creation of Dante and Bayonetta.

In the event that Dante were to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, it would be the fourth Capcom character to be playable alongside Mega Man, Ryu, and Ken. Ironically, Bandai Namco, the company that's developing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, only currently has Pac-Man as a representative.

As always, do remember that this is merely a rumor that must be taken with a grain of salt.

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