Seth tied for second lowest amount of health in Street Fighter: Champion Edition as Capcom updates the upcoming character's stats and profile

Well at least it's technically an upgrade from SF4

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 12, 2020 at 6:15 a.m. PST | Comments: 97

The 40th character joining the roster of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is still just over a month away, but we're slowly learning more and more about what Seth will have to offer once they release in February.

Capcom recently updated their Shadaloo Combat Research Institute website to include Seth's character profile to reveal the character's health and stun values which show that their vitality is among the lowest in the title's roster.

Seth's 925 character health and 925 stun is tied for the second lowest in SF5 following the Season 5 update with only Akuma being even more fragile yet still powerful as hell with only 900 health and stun.

There's four other characters currently in the game with 925 vitality with Karin, Cammy, Ibuki and Kage though all of them except for the Killer Bee have their stun set a little higher at 950 overall.

This likely means that Seth is going to be a highly offensive-based fighter with a multitude of tools to get to where they need to be to make up for the fact that they die quickly... which isn't too surprising to anyone who played the character in SF4 where they actually had the same health as Akuma.

While the costumes and frame data sections have not been added to the website yet, Seth's complete move list is also now available on the CRI page though we've technically already seen them on the Street Fighter site.

Seth is scheduled to release alongside the full Champion Edition launch on Feb. 14, and Capcom will likely continue to sprinkle out new info about the fighter as we get closer to that date considering they have already been putting out showcase videos of their V-Skill 1 Tanden Engine copy capabilities.

You can check out Seth's stats, bio and moves below.

Seth profile image #1 Seth profile image #2
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