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'I'll try hard to win back your trust' - Yoshinori Ono further responds to Street Fighter 5's netcode modding situation

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 11, 2020 at 6:54 a.m. PST • Comments: 97

This has certainly been one of the more interesting weeks on the internet for Street Fighter 5 following the drop of a fan-created PC mod that attempts to "fix" the game's netcode which has left the community at large wondering how Capcom would respond to the situation.

Though the company has been largely silent on that front up to this point, Street Fighter Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono did tell the audience that he's "grasped the situation," and now he's spent some time responding to player comments online.

Ono's first responses confirm that what he was initially talking about was the netcode mod, and the producer also appeared to apologize for the inconvenience without really going any further into specifics.

Perhaps the most interesting reply came in Portuguese saying to a fan "I've said I understood the situation. I can't talk about it anymore. I ask for your patience and understanding please," according to translation services.

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This seems to suggest that Capcom is aware of the severity of the situation in front of them, and hopefully we'll learn more in the way of more detailed official statements soon.

All of this started earlier this week when a programmer posted a modded SF5 file onto Reddit claiming that he fixed a clock desync bug in two days that had been present in the netcode since the 2015 beta in two days which raised multiple questions within the FGC.

Not everything was that simple as a singular fix, however, because using the modded fighter online against players who didn't have it installed could completely invert the problem and send all of the one-sided lag to the un-modded foe — among other potential issues.

That was followed shortly by the SF5 server Twitter accounts posting Capcom will be performing maintenance on the fighting game early next week though the English version didn't really go into what the update will be about leading to some speculation that the developers could be taking some sort of action against the altered code.

The Japanese account, on the other hand, lists the reason for the server downtime would be to make some adjustments to the upcoming Tournament Mode though the "etc." at the end still has some wondering if the fan patch could still be targeted.

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Since we've now hit the weekend, any official word on the matter will likely need to wait until the start of the new work week though we shall continue to monitor the situation closely for future updates.

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