Daigo: Will I use Kage in tournaments? I have no plans of doing so in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Looks like Daigo will be sticking with Guile in Season 5 once more

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • January 11, 2020 at 2:43 p.m. PST | Comments: 35

It's been a few weeks since the Season 5 update was released for Street Fighter 5. You could say that competitors are currently experimenting with characters as the Capcom Pro Tour season has not yet begun.

CYG|Daigo has been dabbling in a few different combatants. Of course, it's worth mentioning that although Daigo is satisfied with Ryu in Season 5, Daigo has stated that Ryu is "not his main." And while Daigo has apparently been having a lot of fun with Kage too, he actually has no plans to use him at tournaments.

"Will I use Kage in tournaments? No," responded Daigo as he read the chat. "So far, I have no plans of doing so."

"Am I going to pick the character that's best suited to win tournaments this year? Yeah, Guile," stated Daigo. "Guile is perfect for that this year. He's pretty good this year."

Daigo suspects that Kage will likely struggle in the Abigail match up in Season 5. This could obviously be problematic as Abigail appears to be strong, so he'll likely be a common pick at events.

In particular, Daigo was having a lot of fun while using Kage's light red fireball. He noted this as being one of the reasons why Kage is a character that excels at moving forward against preemptive attacks while Ryu does not.

"If your character needs to attack with their own body, then it's really annoying when your opponent throws out moves preemptively," declared Daigo. "But for Kage, he can punish those preemptive moves with the red fireball. I think that's what's most fun about Kage. Ryu doesn't have that."

Daigo would eventually conclude that Kage feels similar to Alpha 3 Ryu in that Kage feels very strong at offense.

Source: FGC Translated.

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