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'Akuma, Ibuki, and Rashid have been strong for too many seasons' - Oil King talks current state of competitive Street Fighter 5, its future, and more

'Even if they make Rashid bad in Season 5, I am a pro player, I will find my way to win'

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 7, 2020 at 4:42 p.m. PST • Comments: 25

During our visit to Capcom Cup 2019 I was fortunate enough to be able to talk with Li-Wei "UYU|Oil King" Lin, the highest-placing (tied with Liquid|John Takeuchi) of six Rashid players to crack into the year's final Pro Tour bracket.

The Taiwanese competitor has become an unignorable force to be reckoned with in the Street Fighter 5 scene, finishing this year's Capcom Pro Tour at a very respectable 12th place on the global leaderboards and tying for ninth at Capcom Cup.

Oil King is known for more than just his play, however, as he has made clear and successful efforts to become a memorable personality while on stage with his always perfectly-oiled hair (hence the name) and trademark short shorts.

Lin uses one of the most powerful characters in the game, Rashid, which is oftentimes one of the fastest ways to get an audience to root against you. Similar to his fellow UYU teammate who also uses the wind-fueled warrior, JB, Lin maintains an air of charisma and gets fans to root for his success tournament after tournament.

During our discussion I asked for Lin's thoughts on Street Fighter 5 from the point of view of a top player as well as a competitor in the developing FGC eSports space. It's clear that he embraces the path in front of him wholeheartedly, fully and consistently aware of his multifaceted list of goals as both a competitor and an entertainer.

Please note that this interview was conducted just before the Season 5 update was announced/released.

Raptor: How has your experience at this Capcom Cup been like compared to previous years?

Oil King: This year has been better because in Season 2 and Season 3 I went 0-2. This year I got ninth place so I can see that I've already improved myself, but it's not enough for me yet. I want more.

Raptor: Are you worried about what's going to happen to Rashid in the new balance patch?

Oil King: I'm not really worried because I'm a pro player, I have to find a way to win. If I were to find out Rashid was "dead" (nerfed into the lower tiers) then I'd choose a second character. My teammate, NL, in Season 1 played Ryu, in Seasons 2 and 3 he played Cammy, and in Season 4 he played Akuma. We are pros, we have to find a way.

Raptor: (Noting that Oil King is wearing pants as opposed to his trademark shorts) What happened to the short shorts?

Oil King: The weather is too cold. For my fans and my brand, I should wear the shorts, but as a player, I need to keep myself warm. I brought my shorts in my luggage but decided to wear pants.

Raptor: What about wearing them on the outside, over your pants?

"I think Season 4 has been the most balanced season of them all so far. I hope the next Season gets even better balance, but I know it's very, very hard in fighting games."

Oil King: I think it might be too tight (laughs). I think fans can appreciate that I need to play my best in tournament, and sometimes that means wearing pants to keep warm even though I am known for the shorts.

Raptor: Very fair. What are you hoping to see generally changed in Street Fighter 5 gameplay?

Oil King: I hope they will announce more new characters that are good. A lot of the DLC characters needed an update before they became good, but when they first show up they suck. I hope the new character(s) will be okay from the beginning. I think Season 4 has been the most balanced season of them all so far. I hope the next Season gets even better balance, but I know it's very, very hard in fighting games.

Raptor: Do you think that Capcom should try to be changing top tiers so we see different characters more often?

Oil King: Yes, that's what I think. Akuma, Ibuki, and Rashid have been strong for too many seasons. Rashid was bad in Season 1 but has been really good in seasons 2,3, and 4. I play Rashid, but even if they make him bad in Season 5, as I said before, I am a pro player, I will find my way to win.

Raptor: Will you change away from Rashid if he gets nerfed too much?

Oil King: I think if he is nerfed a lot I might try other characters, but I will try to find some matchups where Rashid can play. People think "Oil King and Rashid" right? It's like Bonchan. Sometimes Bonchan plays Sagat, not for wins, but for fan service.

Raptor: Anything else you'd like to add?

Oil King: To be a fighting game player it's very hard. With eSports, there are a lot of players who are very good now. I hope the community will keep supporting and growing the scene so that we can keep playing for them.

You can find more on Oil King by checking out his Facebook, Twitter, live stream Twitch channel, and UYU's main page.

Banner screen capture via Copatography. Oil King image credit to UYU.

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