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Tokido has picked up Urien in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and is already beating up on Grand Master players

A replacement for Akuma, or does The Murderface simply have TWO top tier options now?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 6, 2020 at 12:08 p.m. PST • Comments: 32

Akuma has been one of the absolute strongest characters in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition about since his release back at the end of Season 1, but it's really only been in the learned hands of Rohto|Tokido that we've seen the character win tournaments or even make it to the latter half of top eight brackets.

Now that the demonic fighter has been nerfed a good bit, the community has certainly been wondering if The Murderface will stick to his guns. It seems that Tokido is, at the very least, exploring other options as he's been taking Urien online and slaughtering opponents left and right (save for the very talented G we see in the video).

Already one of the stronger characters back in Season 4, Urien got a handful of small buffs while receiving nerfs only to his standing heavy punch (his Quarrel Kick was buffed so he now has a new back up tool where he might have previously only used standing heavy punch).

This has led many to believe that Urien will be one of the top tiers here in Season 5, and SFV Fan has compiled six online bouts featuring Tokido's Urien facing off against Grand Master foes so we can see how his progress is coming along.

Using a royal blue color similar to his go-to choice with Akuma, Tokido's Urien is a terrifying mix of calculated approach and vicious rush down. It's clear that the Japanese competitor isn't totally comfortable with all of his punishes and combos yet, but he is clearly grasping the character's tools and already going toe to toe with clearly experienced players.

We'll see once the 2020 tournament season gets off the ground whether or not this pairing of player and character will stick. Even if Tokido decides to simply keep Urien in his back pocket for certain matches it's going to be a problem for everyone else as we're talking about one of the undisputedly best in the business using what looks to be one of the absolute best in the game.

Here's a quick sequence to whet your palette as Tokido finishes off a round with a very rapid combo wherein he racks up 10 hits in about two and a half seconds:

Click image for animated version

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