Casablanca World Fighters results

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • January 5, 2020 at 2:12 p.m. PST

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend, Casablanca World Fighters will be happening in, as the name would suggest, Casablanca, Morocco.

Notable players set to compete are ASM|Wawa, Oplon|Noka, Sanwa|M', Striker, Baztami|XFrame, Saiki, ON|GTKheirro, DeadAkari, MESA|Challenger, Adamovic, Krouchamine, Zlatanovich, Ram-One and more.

This is a qualifying event for the SNK World Championship which is taking place at the end of March in Tokyo, though the qualifying spot is only available for King of Fighters 14 at this particular event.

Besides King of Fighters 14, the tournament will also be featuring Samurai Shodown, Dragon Ball FighterZ, King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match, King of Fighters 13, Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and King of Fighters '98.

110 people have signed up for the main title, being King of Fighters 14, with over 85 for Samurai Shodown and over 60 each for Dragon Ball FighterZ, King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match and King of Fighters 13.

Streaming is being done at Frionel 26 and Neo Geo World Tour.

King of Fighters 14 — Results

1. Sanwa|M' (Benimaru, Shun'ei, Iori | Hein, Shun'ei, Iori)
2. Koukou (Najd, Shun'ei, Iori | Najd, Hein, Shun'ei)
3. Ichisim (Hein, Leona, Shun'ei | Hein, Shun'ei, Benimaru)
4. VS|Frezzer (Hein, Blue Mary, Shun'ei)
5. Hntati (Maxima, Iori, Athena)
5. InfernoKong (Verse, Antonov, King of Dinosaurs)
7. AbdouKOF (Mian, Hein, Luong | Mian, Tung, Luong)
7. Wolfman (Zarina, Yuri, Chin | Andy, Yuri, Chin)

9. ON|GTKheirro (Alice, Leona, Shun'ei)
9. Frionel (Kukri, Shun'ei, Iori)
9. Baztami|XFrame
9. Mouljaveel
13. LarsonTakuma (Mian, Hein, Nakoruru)
13. Oz (Muimui, Benimaru, Choi)
13. FCF|Rayzo (Kensou, Athena, Kukri)
13. Ram-One (Benimaru, Shun'ei, Iori)

Samurai Shodown — Results

1. Wolfman (Shizumaru)
2. xWarriorBySandx (Yoshitora)
3. VS|Frezzer (Genjuro)
4. Frionel (Yashamaru, Kazuki)
5. Mouljaveel (Jubei)
5. MESA|JetKun (Ukyo)
7. YAX (Earthquake)
7. MF Odin (Kazuki)

Dragon Ball FighterZ — Results

1. ASM|Wawa (Adult Gohan, Base Goku, Goku)
2. Oplon|Noka (Kid Buu, Adult Gohan, Kid Goku)
3. TU|Slash (Kid Buu, Kid Goku, Goku)
4. Ichisim (Cell, Kid Buu, Kid Goku | Kid Buu, Kid Goku, Yamcha)
5. xWarriorBySandx (Adult Gohan, Kid Goku, Goku)
5. Redraven (Base Vegeta, Kid Goku, Kid Buu | Teen Gohan, Kid Goku, Goku)
7. TedTheMechanic (Beerus, Hit, Goku Black)
7. Sloth (Gogeta, Base Goku, Yamcha)

King of Fighters 13 — Results

1. Sanwa|M' (Kim, Mr. Karate, Vice)
2. Koukou (Duo Lon, Kim, Iori)
3. Ichisim (Kim, Mr. Karate, Iori)
4. Frionel (Mr. Karate, Shen, Iori)
5. Baztami|XFrame
5. VS|Frezzer (Duo Lon, Kyo, Kim)
7. AGG|Yassine-Shikamaru
7. Criticalhito (King, Kensou, Shen)

King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match — Results

1. Sanwa|M' (Kula, K', Bao)
2. Wolfman (Xiangfei, Hinako, Bao | May Lee, Hinako, Bao | Kasumi, Hinako, Bao)
3. ON|Vics (Heidern, Vice, Terry)
4. V3K (King, Yuri, Kasumi)
5. Megaman (Terry, Benimaru, Chris | Benimaru, Ryo, Chris)
5. Criticalhito (Orochi Shermie, K', Kasumi)
7. AbdouKOF (Orochi Shermie, King, Heidern)
7. Cap1000 (Kasumi, K', Yuri)

King of Fighters '98 — Results

1. Redkof
2. 10|Kofmor
3. Megaman
4. Cap1000
5. Krouchamine
5. Game-Over
7. CapoZiyad
7. NRed

Event Schedule

10:00AM - 02:00PM => Dragon Ball Fighterz Pools => TOP 8
01:00PM - 04:00PM => Samurai Shodown Pools => TOP 8
04:00PM- 10:00PM => King of Fighters XIV Pools => TOP 8


All times listed are CEST.

Time Zone Conversion
PST: Subtract 9 hours.
EST: Subtract 6 hours.
UTC/UK Time: Subtract 1 hour.
JST: Add 8 hours.

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