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Dead or Alive 6's latest update allows players to dye characters' hair using Premium Tickets but that doesn't mean you get to keep them forever

Washes out quicker than the dollar store hair dye

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 29, 2020 at 4:36 p.m. PST • Comments: 42

Dead or Alive 6 had what should have been an exciting week with the reveal of Tamaki as the next fighter coming to the game as DLC on top of some new crossover costumes, but a different addition has quickly become the talk of the community.

The Version 1.20 update for DOA6 brought with it the previously teased PlayStation 4 exclusive feature of changing a character's hair color using the Premium Ticket currency. Players then quickly found out, however, that their purchases essentially equate to purchasing real hair dye.

Though the function probably wasn't going to be well-liked by the community considering Premium Tickets require real world currency to buy, the most glaring issue with the feature is the fact that players lose access to purchased colors if they decide to change it to something else afterwards.

Say if you want to make Leifang's hair red with a Premium Ticket โ€” or any of the 16 available options โ€” and then want to change it to blue but then back to red, not only will you have to spend a second ticket for blue but the red option from before will act as though you never bought it โ€” essentially leaving you with only one hair option at a time per character.

That's not the only strange decision either.

Unlike every other Premium Ticket purchase in DOA6 for DLC like costumes, hair color changes are tied to individual save data and not to the servers according to the game's FAQ. This means if you delete or lose your save data, any bought hair alterations will also be lost.

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Free Step Dodge also reports that they have received word from a Team Ninja representative that these limitations are not a bug and is working as designed though the developers have yet to make any sort of public statement on the matter.

PS4 is the only system to receive this new customization option because the Premium Tickets were added to the console after the fact to allow players to purchase individual costumes from DLC sets. Xbox One and PC users can simply buy these costumes with money.

The smallest option to buy Premium Tickets is also set at two, so players will also need to spend a minimum of $2 to even perform one of these hair alterations.

It'll be interesting to see how Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja respond to their latest feature update for DOA if they choose to speak on it at all.

ZakkuRye recently put together a good video going over what the hair color options actually look like in game which you can check out below, and of course Jim Sterling has also caught wind of the situation and created a video of his own.

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