Seth tech roundup from Desk, Justin Wong, SonicFox, Sako, and Xian show off incredible combos, terrifying setups, and plenty more

They also boast a pretty versatile Critical Art and a bunch of chip damage potential

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 14, 2020 at 12:30 p.m. PST

I'll be honest, I've seen the releases of every character in Street Fighter 5 to date, and it very well could be that Seth is drumming up the most social media hype and active player participation of any of them.

Already we're seeing a ton of interesting tech with the newcomer as competitors from all over the world share their findings. There's plenty to discuss and examine, but the biggest takeaway we've been seeing might be just how exciting and fun Seth's combos are to perform.

When it comes to combos, no one does it quite like Desk. Watching random footage from around social media has already made it apparent that Seth has some insane combo potential, but give that to the creative mind of Desk and you can imagine what you'll get.

He notes in his video description that he specifically has avoided the V-Skill 1 character-specific attacks, as he'll be doing a separate video to showcase those.

The character's ability to obliterate foes with rapid-fire assaults from Hecatoncheires, knock them about the screen only to teleport behind them (Dragon Ball Z style) and continue the onslaught, and wrack up hits both on the way up and down is just so pleasing to the eye.

We'll kick things off with a visit to legendary fighting gamer Justin Wong's stream as he uses a combination of V-Skill and V-Trigger 1 to melt down Cammy with two fascinatingly high flying combos. The second clip includes a combo performed by Wong in an actual online bout, but we're mainly including it just to show how much fun he's having while playing Seth.

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We've noticed that Dominique "SonicFox" McLean has been taking a more serious look at Street Fighter 5 lately, and the fighting game powerhouse looks to have found a new home with Seth. They've posted a few clips using V-Trigger 2 and some set play sequences for both in and out of the corner.

We also have footage (HiFight for sharing) of the great FAV|Sako having a great time dishing out online beatdowns. After carrying his opponent to the corner with a slick sequence, he puts on the pressure with repeated Cruel Disaster spin kicks until he opens up his foe. Note that Seth gets an audible chuckle out of Sako here as well.

Taking a break from combos, we visit RZR|Xian as he highlights how versatile Seth's Critical Art is (by getting hit by it) and how they can chip out about a fifth of a health bar using V-Trigger 2 and Critical Art:

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