ZeRo releases his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 7.0.0 tier list

Thinks Byleth is better than most

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 13, 2020 at 8:54 a.m. PST | Comments: 11

Gonzalo "Tempo|ZeRo" Barrios may be retired from the competitive Super Smash Bros. scene, but his record-setting tournament wins during the Smash 4 career has kept his thoughts about the series relevant in the community.

Now that Fire Emblem's Byleth and the Version 7.0.0 update for Smash Ultimate has been out for a few weeks, ZeRo has put together his updated tier list for the game and its 80+ fighters.

The former number one player says that this latest iteration of his tiers are not in order and are based on a mixture of his personal opinions, where he feels the meta will be heading in the coming months and tournament results.

Four fighters are able to crack the best characters tier though they aren't too surprising with Peach, Zero Suit Samus, Pikachu and Joker with any of them being able to be number one in his eyes.

As for Byleth, Barrios has made his opinions about them public that they are probably better than most are giving them credit for. ZeRo places the newest DLC character in high tier for their unexplored potential as a mid-range zoner who could absolutely counterpick a handful of the better characters in Ultimate at least.

Though some pros feel that Sheik's buffs were significant enough to move her up to high tier, ZeRo still thinks she's around mid tier because damage output still isn't there. Combos are there, recovery is there, some more kill confirms are being figured out, but none of that matters too much if you can't rack up the percent to land those KO's.

To make sure his video isn't 3 hours long, ZeRo doesn't go over every character in his breakdown and instead chooses to focus on the changes with the latest patch and what he thinks are his more controversial picks.

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