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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition review

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 13, 2020 at 8:59 p.m. PST • Comments: 80

The latest installment in Capcom's four-year-running fighting game, Street Fighter 5, is now upon us. Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition has arrived, and it boasts a plethora of characters, content, and fights to be had.

We've had the Champion Edition Upgrade Kit for a while now, but this time we have the full, standalone game, as well as new DLC character, Seth, available. This review will be looking at Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition as its own product, separate from the Upgrade Kit.

Champion Edition is all about the content. In this iteration, players who pick it up can look forward to netting themselves nearly everything that has been added to the game since its launch back in February 2016.

What started out as a 16-character roster in the vanilla version of Street Fighter 5 has now grown into a whopping 40-fighter brawl in Champion Edition. With a price tag today that's half of what it was back then, it's hard not to be happy here.

While the newest contenders, Gill and Seth, are technically a part of Season 4, these two boss characters from previous Street Fighter entries are highlighted as key components for Champion Edition. Gill brings a highly-technical, fire and ice-wielding play-style to the mix, while Seth has the ability to steal and harness opponents' moves, and both feel like a great way to put a stamp on the game's roster right in time for launch.

Though we haven't had Seth for very long, the Street Fighter 4 boss does feel like a character that isn't too difficult to hop right into battle with and play. Having said that, there does seem to be quite a bit of depth here for those who dive deep into the intricacies of the new combatant.

Not only are there numerous characters for you to choose from, but each world warrior now has a second V-Skill that can be selected before the match begins. V-Skill 2 adds a new layer of flavor and depth to the game's meta, and being able to find the best strategies by utilizing different combinations of V-Trigger 1 / V-Trigger 2 and V-Skill 1 / V-Skill 2 grants players more options and more opportunity for individuality.

Another major draw for Champion Edition is the sheer number of cosmetic options you'll get right from the getgo. With over 200 alternate costumes, each with at least 10 colors, players can find the perfect fit — especially considering we get all of those sweet Capcom crossover costumes that transform the likes of Ryu and Menat into characters like Arthur from Ghouls and Ghosts and Felicia from Darkstalkers.

As they were released over the last four years, many of these costumes and colors were locked behind in-game Fight Money and real money. A way to snatch up everything in one fell swoop is something fans have wanted for a long time, and while there are a handful of exclusions — Capcom Pro Tour DLC, Fighting Chance, and brand collaborations — this hits the nail on the head and should please a lot of folks out there.

Champion Edition feels like that quintessential version of the game that players wanted right from the start, but for main Street Fighter entries usually comes after several updates over a span of a few years. We're now at that point, and this version of the game is one that I think fans can feel content with should DLC be all finished rolling out.

"If you're at all interested in Street Fighter 5 and have not bought any of the previous versions, there is no real reason why you shouldn't pick up Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition."

Whether you fancy single-player content or choose to play online, Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition comes packaged with a nice spread of different modes.

Arcade, Character Story, and General Story let you fight through varying opponents while learning more about each fighter and their motivations. There are also combo trials — including five different volumes of combos for the oldest combatants — and a robust Training Mode that will allow you to better hone your skills before hopping into the Capcom Fighters Network and taking on competitors in Ranked or Casual matches.

One mode that is noticeably absent here is the new online Tournament Mode that Capcom has been talking about for some time now. While it's still on the horizon and wasn't necessarily promised for Champion Edition, having it included at launch would have been a nice touch, though that is a minor gripe on my end.

Despite all of the things CE does right, there are still some things that have been plaguing the game since the very beginning that I would have liked to see polished up.

Starting the game up on PlayStation 4 still takes painfully long, as you're stuck on the title screen until everything loads up and you're logged into the servers. It's still as grueling as ever, and you can be sitting there, staring at the game's logo for several minutes before you're actually able to access the main menu.

Closing thoughts: If you're at all interested in Street Fighter 5 and have not bought any of the previous versions, there is no real reason why you shouldn't pick up Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

Capcom has released the most complete version of Street Fighter 5 to-date with Champion Edition, bringing a strong 40-character roster, 34 stages, over 200 costumes, plenty of game modes, and more to enjoy. With a price tag of only $29.99 USD, it's really hard to go wrong with this one.

You can purchase Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition physically or digitally on PlayStation 4 and digitally on PC.



+ Most complete version of Street Fighter 5 ever for a great price.

+ 40 diverse characters to choose from.

+ Multiple V-Skills and V-Triggers give players options.

+ Tons of costumes and colors right out of the gate.

+ Several strong modes to dive into.


- Lack of Tournament Mode.

- Title screen load time still too long.

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