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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate currently leads in EVO 2020 entrants — registration leaderboard for February released

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • February 10, 2020 at 8:50 a.m. PST • Comments: 35

The official lineup for EVO 2020 was revealed just last week, and the fighting game community has been abuzz ever since. Tournament staples such as Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Street Fighter 5 all made the cut this time around, and a handful of surprises — such as a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 invitational event — have the people already feeling the hype.

EVO tournament organizer Joey "Mr. Wizard" Cuellar took to Twitter this morning to update fans on the current entrant numbers for each game on the main lineup. While we don't get specific amounts here, we do have a leaderboard to show how each title is currently stacking up.

As it stands here in early February, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leads the pack in entrants. The major crossover brawler from Nintendo made its debut at EVO last year and topped the leaderboard by a landslide.

At last year's event, Smash Bros. Ultimate netted 3,492 registered players, with second place being Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's 1,929 entrants. It is no real surprise that Ultimate is currently at the top once again, though there's still quite a lot of time for that to change.

Tekken 7 finds itself at #2 for 2020, which is another top contender when it comes to EVO entrants. Last year, Bandai Namco's mainstay 3D fighting title was neck and neck with Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, ultimately landing in third with only 44 fewer players than Capcom's popular title.

This February leaderboard also shows that the only brand new game on the lineup, Granblue Fantasy: Versus, is also doing well for itself. Right now, the 2D fighter from Cygames and Arc System Works sits with the fourth-highest number of participants in its event.

Dragon Ball FighterZ comes in at #6 here, which probably isn't the most ideal placing for fans of the 3v3 fighting title. However, Bandai Namco just officially announced a Season 3 over the weekend with newcomers Kefla and Ultra Instinct Goku inbound, so we might be seeing a spike in entrants sometime soon.

You can check out the breakdown below.

EVO 2020 Registration Leaderboard - February Edition

1) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
2) Tekken 7
3) Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
4) Granblue Fantasy: Versus
5) Soul Calibur 6
6) DragonBall FighterZ
7) Under Night In-Birth [CL-R]
8) Samurai Shodown

EVO 2020 Registration Leaderboard - February Edition image #1
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