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These three things about Seth look particularly scary right now in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Damage into Okizeme, V-Skills, and V-Triggers all look really powerful for Seth

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • February 9, 2020 at 7:49 p.m. PST • Comments: 32

In case you missed the recent gameplay showcase, its "name is Seth." Indeed, Seth will be releasing on February 14, 2020 along with the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition update.

The released video provided us with a detailed look at Seth's capabilities as a character. Notably, there were a few things about Seth's moveset that really stood out as being "scary."

Being that Street Fighter 5's meta heavily revolves around offense rather than defense, it really does look like Seth will have no issues fitting right in. Seth gives off the impression that it's capable of really dishing out some damage against opponents.

Although we won't truly know Seth's viability until the android is released, it really does seem like Seth shares a lot of qualities that are found in the majority of SF5's top tiers.

In Street Fighter 4, there was this meme that suggested that every match with Seth would either end with Seth winning via a perfect round or the opponent defeating Seth with a perfect. While many of Seth's abilities have been adjusted for Street Fighter 5's mechanics, Seth's glass cannon tendencies still seem to be a thing.

Let's take a look at three aspects of Seth that are looking really scary.

Combos that have damage AND Okizeme

Seth looks to be one of those characters that doesn't have to sacrifice damage in return for Okizeme (pressure after knock downs). In other words, Seth will force the opponent to deal with a mix up after big combos.

Interestingly enough, Seth is able to link into a crouching light punch from a heavy Hecatoncheires (rapid punch special). Alternatively, Seth can go for resets after striking enemies with this as they'll be left standing and close to Seth. Watch those throws.

Click image for animated version

Strong V-Skills

Seth's V-Skill 1 appears to offer a ton of utility. Upon hitting the other player, Seth gains access to a technique that's normally unique to that particular fighter. Do keep in mind that Seth will only be able to use this special once before needing to connect V-Skill 1 again.

It's shown a couple of times that this functions as a fairly strong whiff punisher. Do be weary of jump ins when using this though.

Interestingly enough, Seth can easily combo into his V-Skill 1 for guaranteed V-Gauge. Afterwards, Seth is awarded Okizeme as it is able to dash in for pressure.

Of course, it appears that Seth is also armed with an equally strong V-Skill 2 as well. Attempting to neutral jump against Seth seems risky as the android will be able to punish it with V-Skill 2 enhanced specials after the dash motion.

Strong V-Triggers

Using Seth's V-Trigger 2, you'll be able to position the opponent however you like with multiple combo extending options. It appears that Seth will be able to perform a teleport followup up to four times once its V-Gauge is filled up.

While V-Trigger 2 appears to have a steep learning curve, some Urien-like mix ups appear to be possible with the generated orb. By positioning it behind the other player, it'll be possible to knock them into it after they guess wrong via a mix up. Seth has a notably long reaching overhead that seems designed for this very purpose.

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