Lowain's Yggdrasil Super immediately created problems for Granblue Fantasy: Versus players, so HiFight made a guide on how to deal with the summon

This Super Skybound Art isn't so super once you know her tricks

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 8, 2020 at 11:24 a.m. PST | Comments: 25

Granblue Fantasy: Versus has been out — in the Asian market — for only around three days now, and there's one thing about the game in particular which has the fighting game community scrambling to deal with.

Lowain's Super Skybound Art allows him to summon in the giant Yggdrasil to battle for him with spells that can either be unblockable or do massive chip damage. Even top players like GRPT|Sako are falling for the floor is lava trick, so HiFight has come through with a fairly detailed guide on how to counter this powerful week one option — or better use it if you're a Lowain player.

To use Super Skybound Arts in GBVS, a character needs to be below 30 percent health and have a full bar of meter to spend which certainly isn't a problem for this game.

An obvious solution is to try KO'ing Lowain before he has a chance to use his super, but if you can't, watch out. The fighter can summon Yggdrasil on frame one, so he can't be knocked out of the start up — the character also can't be KO'd while she's active.

The summon has four different attacks to choose from which can be done about six times per activation: light attack creates stone pillars that shoot out from the ground, medium shoots a homing projectile, heavy covers the whole floor in unblockable lava and the unique button makes a big lightning vortex spell that sucks the opposition in — it also does a ton of chip damage.

HiFight quickly points out that the big problem here is you can't simply sit and block because of the lava though jumping at the wrong time into the fireball or lightning can cause a player to still fall on the active lava for an unblockable hit.

So, how do you defeat such a foe? Well, in the famous words of Dragon Ball Z's Piccolo, dodge!

Granblue's evade mechanic is a powerful defensive tool that works similarly to Super Smash Bros.' spot dodges and apparently has around 25 active invincibility frames which can avoid all of these powerful spells.

This can still prove to be tricky, however, as each Yggdrasil attack has different start up timing, so HiFight also suggests trying to block everything and just dodge lava if you can stand the chip damage.

Dashing to close the distance also allows for a complete escape from the lightning vortex and messes up the unblockable timing. Even then, it's still hard to come out the other end without taking damage.

Some in the community like Adam "Keits" Heart have come out against Yggdrasil's design as "a scrub killer in the worst way and is going to have new players frustrated as all hell" while probably not being a very viable option at high-level play.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus launched on Feb. 6 for Japan and Asia though those of us in North America will need to wait until March 3 to get our hands officially on the newest Arc System Works-developed fighter.

The game had an impressive launch day for sales pushing over 150,000 copies which is much larger than other current gen fighting game launches in Japan outside of Smash.

HiFight has even more detailed tips on how to deal with and counter Yggdrasil, so we highly suggest checking out his video below for the full breakdown.

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