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The internet is clearly ready for Seth in Street Fighter 5, check out these 12 different takes on the incoming character

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • February 6, 2020 at 6:09 p.m. PST • Comments: 38

Seth is en route to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition on February 14 and the community is growing more and more excited to see what this second take on Street Fighter 4's big boss has to offer.

Seth was a character many had trepidation about since he was essentially an amalgamation of other characters tied together under a somewhat visually bland appearance. Capcom wowed audiences by updating the asexual character with a more feminine look, based around Juri, and the artistic side of the internet has been going wild ever since.

We've rounded up a gallery of 12 different Seth images created by 12 different artists. All but one of these features only the character's updated design, though Quasimodox married both Seth's new and old looks with a creative conjoined twins approach.

It's nearly impossible not to notice that many of our artists have taken some liberties with Seth's general shape. The character appears fairly trim and lean in SF5, but you'll soon see that they're often portrayed as a tad thicker in these pieces.

My personal favorites have to be images two, four, ten, and twelve. Two for the creativity, ten for the attention-grabbing color, and then four and twelve because hot damn.

The gallery is arranged in the same order as the artists are listed here, so if you find yourself with particular appreciation for any of these you can see what else the artist has to offer. Senacolada, Quasimodox, Ahrunaart, Sonson, Sami Rytkönen, AngelsZero, Bluecup, Seimogodios, Whienzarth, Benbeau, Obari, and Gage 199X.

Seth Art image #1 Seth Art image #2 Seth Art image #3 Seth Art image #4 Seth Art image #5 Seth Art image #6 Seth Art image #7 Seth Art image #8 Seth Art image #9 Seth Art image #10 Seth Art image #11 Seth Art image #12
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