We finally know what the acronym behind F.A.N.G's name means in Street Fighter 5 though that doesn't mean it actually makes sense

Happy birthday to the assassin obsessed with number twos

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 2, 2020 at 10:21 a.m. PST | Comments: 26

F.A.N.G is perhaps the oddest of all of the new inclusions to Street Fighter 5's roster with his goofy attitude, strange fighting style and obsession with M. Bison / the number 2 though there's one thing many fans have been wondering about since his reveal.

Today happens to be F.A.N.G's birthday, which is quite fitting as February 2 (2/2), and Street Fighter's Japanese community account revealed some interesting information about the assassin including what the acronym behind his namesake actually means.

F.A.N.G stands for Fantastic Asian Notorious Gang according to the post which appears to be in reference to his position as the leader of the Nguuhao cartel and assassins in SF's universe.

Obviously, this designation is kinda nonsense to native English speakers though Japanese media — especially video games and anime / manga — often feature English acronyms that sound cool when abbreviated but hold very loose meanings when actually broken down.

Now to be fair, this information has apparently been available since Street Fighter 5 was released, as Fantastic Asian Notorious Gang is reportedly mentioned in the Street Fighter V: A Visionary Book.

That book has remained exclusive to Japan, however, so most of us in the west missed out on some of the supplementary info the guide provided. Even HiFight, who lives in Japan, says that he also didn't know what F.A.N.G stood for before today.

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There's a handful of other acronyms within SF5 as well with F.A.N.G's old liutenants, T.U.S.K and T.A.I.L, who were both finished off by M. Bison during their attempted assassination of the Shadaloo boss that would lead to F.A.N.G becoming one of the four kings. Operation C.H.A.I.N.S is also one of the main plot points of the A Shadow Falls story mode though I'm not sure what any of those mean.

F.A.N.G is also seemingly so obsessed with the number two that when he wins a mirror match, he'll claim to be 2 millimeters taller than the version of himself that he just defeated.

As for his real name, we'll probably never know considering F.A.N.G himself apparently doesn't even remember his birth name since his time as an orphan on the streets.

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