Beyond Demitri, Seth's attacks have references to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Remy, possibly Rufus and more in Street Fighter 5 when compared by HiFight

Is that a JoJo reference?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 1, 2020 at 11:40 a.m. PST | Comments: 30

Seth was built in Street Fighter 4 as the amalgamation of the best moves from the world's top martial artists, and while their specials in SF5: Champion Edition are technically all new, their references run deep to the point where they reach into other series entirely.

We previously took a look at how Seth's Mad Cradle and Mad Spin attacks are directly pulled from Demitri Maximoff from the Darkstalkers series from Capcom, but now that we've seen the 40th fighter's full move set in action, the masterful eye of HiFight has put together a compilation of all of the references in their normals, specials, throws and supers he could find in other fighting games.

Starting out with the rapid Hecatoncheires punches, which in itself is a reference to a creature from Greek Mythology with 100 hands, the most obvious tie in is to E. Honda's Hundred Hand Slap technique though looking at the new move's animation itself lends itself to an even deeper meaning.

The EX and V-Trigger 1 enhanced versions of the punches make it apparent they are references to a different Capcom fighting game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, using both Jotaro and Dio's Stands.

With the EX version, Hecatoncheires uses almost the same exact animation as Jotaro's Putzun Ora and Star Breaker supers, follow up punch and all. The VT1 enhanced attack, however, causes Seth to teleport behind the opponent and do a very specific punch that Dio's The World also does in the 2D fighting game.

Seth also obviously strikes one of Dio's most infamous poses and can say the line 'useless!' which also equates to the vampire's signature Japanese catchphrase of 'muda / mudada!'

As many had previously noticed, Seth's Annihilate Sword air ax kick looks a hell of a lot like Makoto's Tsurugi attack, which also happens to translate to sword. On top of that though, the VT1 version has and added uppercut that also appears to be almost exactly the same as Makoto's Fukiage with the straight up punch.

Cruel Disaster seems to be the closest Seth has to an original special here with HiFight unable to find a complete depiction of it in another fighting game though it does seem to closely resemble Rufus' Galactic Tornado perhaps combined with Seth's rapid spin kicks from SF4. The VT1 upgraded Cyclone Disaster name further supports this tie to Rufus.

HiFight also postulates that Seth's VT2 Tanden Maneuver floating ball is something of an amalgamation of their SF4 super Tanden Storm plus Millia's Secret Garden from Guilty Gear and Yamcha's Soukidan.

For some reason when Seth performs Tanden Engine Install against themselves in the mirror match, their "stolen move" will be a new attack they call Brutal Impact where they buff up and do a giant straight punch. HiFight was able to find multiple possible references between Zangief's heavy punch in SF5, Balrog's turn around punch and in Jin Saotome's Blodia Punch hyper combo from the Marvel series.

Crouching heavy kick, which looks weird when performed by the male-looking model, seems to be nearly identical to Elena's from SF4 though crouching MK seems to be Sakura's.

Perhaps the oddest discovery of the bunch lies in Seth's jumping heavy punch looks nearly identical to that of Remy's from Street Fighter 3 which is quite the interesting pull but looks fitting with the similarly flowing hair.

There's quite a few other examples highlighted in HiFight's video including Chun-Li's slide, some of Guy's normals, Sagat's kick and even some returning Seth / Abel moves from SF4 showing that they are still indeed a copycat fighter.

We highly suggest checking out HiFight's video below to check out the work Capcom put into referencing their past games and the FGC highlighter's hard work of finding out where they all came from below.

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