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Kazunoko drops his Season 3.5 tier list for Dragon Ball FighterZ as the game's first multi-year champion

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 29, 2020 at 8:54 a.m. PST • Comments: 7

It is next to impossible to be a multi-year national / global champion in any major fighting game in the current landscape, but that's what BC|Kazunoko accomplished earlier his month in his huge Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship victory over former world champ CO|Go1.

Now for the first time as the two-time DBFZ king of Japan, Kazunoko has released his Season 3.5 tier list for Dragon Ball FighterZ which actually goes all the way down to D in rankings.

To the surprise of probably no one at this point, Kazunoko has Ultra Instinct Goku as the best character in the game in his own SSS category after he was the most popular character across all regions in the championships.

Similarly to his world-class rival, all of Kazunoko's current team is featured in at least S+ tier with his UI Goku, Gotenks and Master Roshi combo which is certainly understandable if you've watched the finals sets.

Unlike Go1, however, Broly's hype train isn't grabbing Kazunoko since he put the massive fighter around the middle of the pack — though still technically in S tier.

It appears as though he's not overly impressed with Android 18 either with her ranked C despite the great mixup and combo extension showcased during the competitive circuit in other territories like Europe.

Most players recently seem to keep their tiers grouped with all characters in at least A and above to represent how well they think DBFZ is balanced overall now with everyone viable, but Kazunoko's goes down to D. He didn't elaborate further though on what his tiers actually mean in regards to overall strength.

You can check out Kazunoko's full Season 3.5 tier list below, and you can compare it to Go1's from just a few days ago here.

Kazunoko Dragon Ball tier list image #1
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Also, if you don't know why S comes graded higher than A in these tier lists and other rankings, we also suggest reading more on its meaning and history.

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