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Go1's Season 3.5 tier list for Dragon Ball FighterZ features his entire team in at least the S+ ranking

He too respects the might of Broly

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 27, 2020 at 8:37 a.m. PST • Comments: 10

The competitive season for Dragon Ball FighterZ came to an end one week ago with the epic finale of the National Championships, but that certainly doesn't mean that the pros have stopped playing and thinking about the game for what comes next.

Former world champion and Japanese finalist CO|Go1 recently put together a Season 3.5 tier list for DBFZ with the top ranking members probably looking quite familiar to those who paid attention to the progression of the National Championships.

All of the multi-game god's team of Ultra Instinct Goku, Kid Buu and GT Goku are listed among the very best though they're all three in different tiers.

To the shock of pretty much no one at this point, UI Goku is at the very top in his own category labeled "God" which is quite fitting considering he was the most popular fighter among all regions by far and his power level / versatility are unmatched right now with what he can do without the need for assists.

Next listed is the top 3 rankings where Broly makes his appearance after he was quite the dominant force in North America though his presence was not nearly as felt in Japan.

Comparing against Go1's assist tier list made at the same time, Base Vegeta and Bardock serve as apparently some of the best characters while not offering as much in the Z Assist department.

Go1 also has the team that his finals opponent BC|Kazunoko used in the same categories as his between UI Goku, Gotenks and Master Roshi.

You can take a look at Go1's full end of 2020 rankings for DBFZ below.

Go1 Season 3.5 tier list image #1
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