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Who are the Eternals and why is it such a big deal that one of them is joining Granblue Fantasy Versus' roster?

Anre, or 'Uno' as he's known in Japan, is the first added character from a highly popular and iconic group of characters from the source material

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • December 28, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. PST • Comments: 3

In mid-December we finally got our proper gameplay trailer of our third Season 2 character for Granblue fantasy Versus, namely Yuel. While this trailer was obviously focused heavily on Yuel and what she was capable of doing (as well as unveiling she'd be out in the game the very next day), they also gave us a glimpse at the next character coming — Anre, or "Uno" as he's known in Japan.

To be honest, he was quite the unexpected pick for a variety of reasons, partly because while the Eternals, the group which Anre is a part of, are a very popular faction in the Granblue Fantasy world and to its fanbase, Anre himself isn't exactly a standout in it. It's also somewhat surprising that they already dipped in to the well that is the Eternals for the game's roster and definitely piques our interest for what is coming next. So who exactly are the Eternals and why are they such a big deal? Let me share the details with you.

In Granblue Fantasy lore, the group referred to as the Eternals are absolute masters of their craft and seen as the most powerful group of skyfarers in the game's universe, with each of them reportedly being the most skilled fighter with their weapon of choice.

For context, there are exactly ten weapon types in Granblue Fantasy, eight of which are currently represented in the Granblue Fantasy Versus roster. These weapon types are Sabre, Dagger, Spear, Axe, Staff, Gun, Melee, Bow, Harp and Katana, with the two weapons not currently represented in Granblue Fantasy Versus' playable roster being Gun and Harp.

If you're wondering where the Staff and Axe users are, Granblue tends to be fairly liberal with their weapon definitions and as such "Staff" generally refers to magic in general and is therefore represented by Cagliostro (who's actually using a book) while Vaseraga's gigantic scythe falls into the "Axe" category.

The reason for the Eternals to appear in the story of Granblue Fantasy is because they see the fantastic potential in the player character (Gran or Djeeta depending on which sex you chose) and wishes for them to join the Eternals eventually. This is directly referenced in Granblue Fantasy Versus via Djeeta's Skybound Art in which she cycles through all 10 weapon types in a move called "Eternal Ascendancy".

While you might think that a group filled with the absolute most powerful fighters would likely be an antagonistic force, they're actually friendly in most of their appearances, although they often have their own goals in mind as well. They get along well with each other and are generally helpful to people around them, though they're obviously also of a stature where most are intimidated by their mere presence.

Although the group are popular as a whole with fans, as I mentioned earlier Anre does not stick out as one of the more popular ones. He also doesn't represent a new weapon type since his speciality is Spears, something that's already covered by Zeta. However, the developers did mention their reasons for picking him during the event where he was shown and they do honestly make sense.

In Granblue Fantasy there are four major races that make appearances. Humans, Erunes (the humanoid characters with animalistic ears such as Ferry, Metera and Lowain), Draphs (the humanoid characters with ram-like horns such as Vaseraga and Narmaya) and finally the Harvin, short in stature but with lots of spirit.

Given that Harvin are very small compared to the other races they're obviously difficult to implement in fighting games, with the only current Harvin cast member being Charlotta who managed to sneak by through developers giving her quite tall crown a hurtbox to even her out. This is where Anre comes in as a pretty given choice, at least through developers' eyes.

With all these races appearing in the source game and having their fans, they wanted to introduce more Harvin characters, particularly a male one since they only had a female one in the roster as of right now. Anre became the perfect choice because of the fact that he moves around by levitation — meaning you can easily make the hurtbox issues solve themselves.

On top of this, Anre lent himself well to a playstyle they wished to design as he's been made as a sort of defensive counter-zoner, though I'll detail what we know about his gameplay in a separate piece at a later date.

Thus, Anre was chosen and brought the fantastical group of Eternals in to the roster, to the surprise of many fans. The surprise comes in large part due to two members in particular being exceptional in popularity even within the Eternals, with one of them even receiving an in-game model for story mode purposes with Anre's addition.

These two characters are Seofon, the Sabre master and Seox, the melee specialist. With Seofon getting a model in the story mode (which you can view right below), it's likely that he'll end up like Zooey who had a model before her playable debut and that we'll see Seofon show up sooner rather than later. Once he does, it's quite likely that Seox won't be far behind.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Seofon Render image #1
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Apparently the developers even mentioned that when they decided to include the Eternals in Granblue Fantasy Versus their choices were down to specifically Anre and Seofon, so they've even expressed their intent of making Seofon playable already. Notably, Anre and Seofon are the two co-founders of the group as well, so it's likely that lore purposes also factored in to the decision being between the two of them.

This combined with an in-game model shoots his chances up through the roof, though it should be noted that there are several characters who have models in RPG mode and did not end up playable, so just because Zooey and Belial did it doesn't mean it's a lock.

With only two characters left in this current Season 2, I have a hard time imagining another member of the Eternals will be joining this fast. But given the game's continued success and its cross-promotion potential, I'd say a third season is quite likely and that Seofon and Seox will almost certainly be a part of it now that Anre has opened the door.

As for Anre himself, it'll be interesting to see how he's received once he's out. He's definitely an oddball pick visually, but having oddballs in the roster is a key part of any fighting game. The fact that this particular goofy-looking guy (who me and my friends have begun referring to as mustache potato) also happens to be possibly the most powerful warrior on the current roster just makes him all the more interesting to explore.

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