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Desk breaks Street Fighter 2 with previously undocumented glitch and bugs that remove the HUD, create an impromptu training mode and crash the game

He claims this is the first time it's been documented for Super Street Fighter 2 as well

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 23, 2020 at 6:39 a.m. PST • Comments: 8

Street Fighter 2 will forever remain as the classic of all classics in the fighting game genre considering it pretty much kicked off the whole craze at arcades, but boy was it ever buggy.

Resident combo composer Desk did something different from his usual showcase of improbable strings in his latest video where he breaks down game-breaking glitches in the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo version of SF2 — which he also claims have never really been documented or explained before.

Some players may be familiar with the old Option Mode glitch where entering and exiting the menu 26 times will cause pretty much every aspect of match to break except for the core gameplay.

Round text doesn't display correctly, the health bar plus timer are completely gone as are sounds, and rounds never end because the computer receives infinite vitality.

What's cool at least about this is that it pretty much gives you a training mode in the oldest port of the game, but the bugs don't stop there.

If you increase the amount of times you open the menu to 41, the main menus begins to see graphical glitches and corrupts further if you continue.

At 43 times, character profiles break too with sprites flickering out of existence while others get loaded in the top of the screen.

These issues appear to occur because of a strange error that causes a specific RAM address value to decrease every time the menu is opened. Once it goes below zero, the RAM value goes much higher than the default state and fun things start happening.

Desk also claims that the RAM problem is also present in the Super Street Fighter 2 port, but had never been documented before now. It's not as fun to mess around with, however, as the game just crashes.

Though it is quite different from his usual work, Desk's new video is fascinating with the breakdown of these glitches and how / why they happen. Even if you consider yourself a Street Fighter 2 expert, there's probably some cool new details in the video to, so we highly recommend checking it out below.

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