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Ryu lands 13-hit touch of death combo on Ken in this expertly crafted tool-assisted Street Fighter 2 Remastered exhibition

If you ever wanted to see a full time out from Hadoken chucking, now you can

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • December 22, 2020 at 10:27 a.m. PST • Comments: 13

There might not be a more classic match up in all of fighting games than Ryu versus Ken. The two Shotos / training partners are both legends in the world of Street Fighter and video games in general, and though they've clashed numerous times through the hands of players in arcades and at home over the past three decades, seeing them throw down is always a treat — especially when the bout is perfectly scripted.

M. Bizarro brings us another fantastic tool-assisted fight, this time delving into the rom hack that is Street Fighter 2 Remastered. Ken and Ryu take part in a perfectly choreographed match that brings viewers several amazing touch of death combos and a fireball battle that runs out the clock.

Street Fighter 2 Remastered uses Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition on the Sega Genesis as its foundation and builds upon it. While there are a lot of graphical and aesthetic changes made to the game, not much is altered on the gameplay side of things.

This match up sees Ryu and Ken go back and forth with some of their best tools as they continually shut each other down with their attempts to mount offense. Ryu throws a fireball and Ken fires off a quick Shoryuken up close to not only go through it, but pelt Ryu for his troubles.

Though Ken dominates the majority of round 1, the Street Fighter poster boy fires back with an absolutely devastating 13-hit touch of death combo. One jump in leads to a stun, which quickly leads to a second stun and the finish.

The Shotos also spend all 99 in-game seconds of one round engaged in an intense fireball battle that sees the word "Hadoken" said so many times it won't sound like a real word to you by the end of it.

Be sure to check out the full tool-assisted Street Fighter 2 match up between Ryu and Ken below.

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