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Update: Dragon Ball FighterZ's next DLC character is Super Baby 2, first magazine scans revealed

We're finally getting an Oozaru form

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 17, 2020 at 9:26 a.m. PST • Comments: 67

Update: The two-page magazine scans showcasing Super Baby 2 have appeared online thanks to MigueL Games which are now added to the original story below.

The next DLC reveal for Dragon Ball FighterZ was originally supposed to release this weekend during the National Championship finals, but it appears as though word has gotten out early as to their identity and very unique set of skills.

According to the new Weekly Jump magazine in Japan, Dragon Ball GT's Super Baby 2 will be the fourth character of FighterZ Pass 3, and the magazine also included some interesting gameplay details.

While we don't have full details on how it will work, Super Baby will apparently have his brainwashing power makes its way into the fighting game in a way that hasn't been present in the game before.

The first major GT villain can summon the KO'd characters of his opponent to attack their former team similarly to a Z Assist which will certainly add a new layer to matches.

Baby will also mark the first appearance of the great ape / Oozaru form in FighterZ as one of his level three Meteor Supers where he'll go on a golden rampage

No release date was given for when players should expect Super Baby to come and take over Vegeta's body, but they did give him a launch window of this winter. The publisher has also previously said they plan to launch the new DLC around the end of January.

You can read the fully translated notes from ryokutya2089 Jump by thanks to our own Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor.

Super Baby reveal scans image #1 Super Baby reveal scans image #2
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Super Baby 2 Reveal Details

Special: Darkness Spring Shot - The ki balls he fires, if they miss the opponent, will come back from outside the screen again.

Enemy characters who have been KO'd can be summoned back by Baby, similar to a Z Assist, to attack their former teammates.

Super Move: Full Power Energy Beam - Fires diagonally downwards.

Meteor Super: Revenge Death Ball

Meteor Super: Oozaru (Great Ape) Transformation - If the move hits the opponent on activation, Baby will transform to a Oozaru/Great Ape and go on a rampage. (Potentially has a different attack or animation if used with a DHC).

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