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Capcom Cup 2020 scheduled for February 2021 in the Dominican Republic, Dan Hibiki to be released in Street Fighter 5 in February

More Season 5 news to come early next year

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • December 17, 2020 at 5:06 p.m. PST • Comments: 106

During today's Street Fighter League stream we were told the date and location of this year's Capcom Cup: February 19-21 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It's at that place and time where the top 20 Street Fighter 5 competitors in the world will meet to battle for the title of Capcom Cup Champion.

This wasn't the only bit of enticing information dropped during the stream, however, as Street Fighter 5 Producer, Shuhei Matsumoto, announced that the first Season 5 DLC character, Dan Hibiki, would also be released in February of 2021.

Dan Hibiki Update

At the end of the reveal trailer Shuhei Matsumoto offered a few words concerning DLC content and how his team has been working in these unforeseen circumstances to produce it both effectively and safely.

"We are working hard to deliver a level of quality that meets our standards for the upcoming Season 5 content," he says. "Our first character, Dan, is still planned for this Winter and will be released in February. We understand many of you have been waiting patiently for the release of Season 5 and would like to report we are working on delivering this content to you as quickly as possible.

"Early next year, we are scheduled to share more news, so we hope you will continue to understand and provide your support. Please continue to stay safe and we wish you a happy Holiday!"

Capcom Cup Info

Plans for Capcom Cup 2020 were initially as such that the big dance was going to navigate away from North America for the first time in six-year existence and be held in Paris, France with a whopping 40 finalists.

That changed when the Tour was revised to be played primarily online for COVID cautions, and plans for the Cup itself regressed to planning phases.

We currently know 19 of the 20 finalists for the 2020 Capcom Cup as all but the fan-nominated spot have been decided. Voting ends on December 18, and it seems that RB|Luffy is the most likely to win at this point unless one of the other top contenders can manage a huge last minute flux of votes.

As always, we'll be covering Capcom Cup live here on EventHubs when it happens in February, so be sure to join us to watch the cream of the crop Street Fighter 5 action go down. You'll find the trailer and Matsumoto's message embedded below.

The event will not be open to the public and Capcom is taking extra precautions to ensure safety of all in attendance. You can read more about the particulars right here.

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