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Update: What should Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's new battle mechanic be?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 20, 2020 at 11:04 a.m. PST • Comments: 88

Update: Voting in the poll has come to a close, so you can see the results of what the EH community would like to see as Street Fighter 5's new mechanic in the original story below.

Street Fighter 5 players have known what's coming in Champion Edition's final season for over four months now which may finally bear fruit in the very near future.

With Capcom scheduled to make a special announcement tomorrow evening, this may likely be the last opportunity to discuss and speculate as to what SF5's new battle mechanic could / should be for Season 5.

Rumblings about a potential Critical Art 2 continue to float around for years now at this point, and while they would make for an obvious inclusion, the merit in what they could bring to the table don't seem to line up with what would actually make an impact on the gameplay.

Right now most Supers are used between the cast in near identical ways between being combo finishers, wake up / reversal options or chip KO's, so including an additional one wouldn't really change that hardly at all aside from probably giving characters a strike CA when they currently only have a command grab.

V-Reversal 2 is also a popular topic within the community which could have more ways to actually affect matches as they're played if Capcom were to do something like give everyone both strike and escape options at all times though it's not exactly an exciting use for what could be SF5's last major mechanical change.

There are more options the developers could take with using V-Gauge as a resource like a one-bar combo cancel although that too would be a bit redundant considering most V-Trigger activations can already be used as combo extenders or ways to make attacks safe.

One less-often brought up possibility harkens back to the SF4 days with the introduction of Ultra Combo Double which gave characters access to use either one during a round with the caveat that they'd be weaker than picking one over the other.

This could similarly apply to SF5 if players had access to both V-Triggers during a match as a universal change or third selectable option.

Characters could have their best option open to them at essentially all times instead of needing to choose on a match up and comfortability basis that would open the door to new possibilities and additional layer of depth.

A system change like that would certainly benefit fighters who already have two great V-Triggers like Guile, so it'd probably require quite a bit of balancing to make work in practice too and not tip the scales further in the favor of the top tiers.

What new mechanic should Street Fighter 5 add this winter? I'll turn it over to all of you now to vote on your preferred way to improve the game in our latest poll below, and let us know in the comments if you've got any additional good ideas you hope Capcom would consider.

What should Street Fighter 5's new battle mechanic be?

1. Critical Art 2: 64 votes / 35.4%
2. V-Cancel (combo cancel): 43 votes / 23.8%
3. Other (specify in comments): 21 votes / 11.6%
4. V-Reversal 2: 18 votes / 9.9%
5. V-Trigger 3: 15 votes / 8.3%
6. V-Skill Double: 14 votes / 7.7%
7. V-Trigger Double: 6 votes / 3.3%

Total votes: 181

Voting has closed

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