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No matter which video game series Cloud travels to, he just can't seem to get away from Sephiroth

Smash was far from the first and probably won't be the last

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 16, 2020 at 3:04 p.m. PST • Comments: 11

Hardly anyone could have predicted that Final Fantasy 7's Sephiroth would be the next character to come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but looking back now, it almost seems obvious considering he can never leave Cloud alone.

Even when traveling to completely different video game universes entirely, Sephiroth continues to have an almost 100 percent track record of showing up to antagonize Cloud which dates back all the way to a fighting game from 1998.

We've talked at length before about Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring, Square's attempt to get in on the 3D fighting game scene with the original Tekken director, which would set the stage for making sure that the long-haired swordsman was always present to fight Cloud again.

Hell, the release pattern even fits a bit like Smash's now considering Cloud and Tifa were the only FF7 characters available in the arcade version of Ehrgeiz before they went back and added Sephiroth to the PlayStation release — along with Yuffie, Vincent and Zack.

This would be followed up with just a few years later for both of their most notable guest appearances outside of Smash now when the original Kingdom Hearts released where Cloud and Sephiroth were included as the same world as boss fights.

They aren't even technically the same characters as the original Final Fantasy-dwellers, but even in that version of events, Sephiroth is essentially the manifestation of the darkness within Cloud.

After you beat Sephiroth as one of the hardest bosses of KH2, all he does is want to fight Cloud, as he sends Sora off as his little errand boy to have them clash once again and float off into the sky together in a small plot thread that 3 most certainly did not touch at all.

Their most obvious inclusion as rivals came in another fighting game with the Dissidia Final Fantasy titles which includes pretty much ever series protagonist and antagonist clashing in a giant war. Some baddies even team up together for other schemes, but Sephiroth still only really shows interest in seeing Cloud.

Only one major exception appears to exist for this destined rule, and that's Final Fantasy Tactics where Cloud was included as a secret party member, which also makes a bit of sense considering it came out close to the release of the original FF7.

Puzzle & Dragons, Monster Strike, Yo-Kai Watch and probably a dozen or so Final Fantasy spin-offs like Theatrhythm feature both characters which may put them up there with Mario and Bowser's storied rivalry though it's doubtful that anything is going to beat them in terms of dual representation.

If you've played FF7 and / or Remake, there's a number of obvious reasons why Sephiroth is so almost literally attached to Cloud between the Jenova cells and Reunion Theory though we won't go into any spoilers here.

Despite how cool it was to see Sephiroth floating there in the sky like his Advent Children reveal, it's almost comical at this point that he'd show up in this series now too and almost makes us feel tired for Cloud after 23 years of trying to deal with this shadow of the past.

This also seems to cement that Sephiroth will literally in fact follow Cloud throughout time, space and continuity because he's apparently right that he'll never be just a memory.

The sword stalking has reached meme status now following last week with fans putting together their own humorous takes on Cloud's reaction to seeing Sephiroth yet again, and you can take a look at one of our favorites for them up above too that perfectly sums up the situation.

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